The gallery is a state museum of modern fine arts. One of the ten structures erected in Beijing in the late 1950’s. The gallery building is of the Chinese classical architectural style, the design and plan of which had been examined and approved by the former Premier Zhou Enlai. The late Chairman Mao Zedong penned in 1963 the name of the gallery that is painted on the board fixed to the lintel of the gallery entrance.

The gallery boasts more than 60000 pieces of art works by modern and folk artists. These include Chinese watercolor and ink-and-wash paintings, oil paintings,block prints, picture posters, cartoons, gouaches, illustrations from literary works, lacquer paintings, and many others representing the artistic style of different schools and times. The gallery has attached great importance to the collection of foreign art works in recent years. Among the 117 paintings donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig of Germany are 4 Picasso’s works.

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