Located in the northwest of Foping County, it is a forest and wildlife nature reserve founded to protect the giant pandas with approval of the State Council in 1978, which formally joined the World Man and Biosphere Reserve Network approved by the UNESCO in March 2005. With an area of 292 sq km, the Foping Nature Reserve has three protection stations – Sanguanmiao, Damuping and Yueba. The nature reserve grows 1,583 species of wild plants, including 22 species of rare plants under state protection, such as Chinese larch, Qinling Mountains fir, tetracentron and one flower kingdonia; and raises 265 species of wild animals, of which giant pandas, antelopes, golden monkeys and leopards are the first-class animals under state protection. Giant pandas live in the core area of the nature reserve. On average, there is one giant panda every 2.5 sq km, which ranks first nationwide in terms of density,