Situated on the former site of the Sun Yat-sen University in Wenming Road, Guangzhou, it is a comprehensive museum at the provincial level. The museum was open to the public in 1959.

The Guangdong Provincial Museum covers an area of 29,000 sq m. It mainly holds local cultural relics, totalling 124,000, such as pottery and porcelain wares, calligraphic works, paintings, ink slabs, gold and wood carvings, coins and excavated cultural relics, of which over 300 are first-class cultural relics, such as Ink Dragon Painting drawn by Chen Rong of the Song Dynasty, the Monkey King Ink Slabs of the Qing Dynasty, and the white glazed statue of Shakyamuni made in 1068, the first year the Xining reign of the Northern Song Dynasty. The Guangdong Provincial Museum is composed of two exhibition halls – Exhibition of Ancient History of Guangdong, and Exhibition of Modern History of Guangdong. On the southern side of the exhibition halls, three iron cannons used by the Chinese army and people in their fight against the British invaders during the Opium War and a meteoric iron weighing over 4,000kg that dropped in Yingde Country over 300 years ago are on display in the open air, In addition, the museum also includes the former site of the First National Congress of the Kuomingtang and Lu Xun Memorial Hall. In 1924, Mr Sun Yat-sen once presided over the First National Congress of the Chinese Kuomintang here.

Add: On the former site of the Sun Yat-sen University in Wenming Road, Guangzhou.
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