Also known as the Huaqing Palace, the Huaqing Pool lies at the northern foot of Lishan Mountain, 30km east of the city proper of Xi’am. Since ancient times, it has been an ideal place for sightseeing and taking a bath. It is a national scenic and historic site, and a national AAAAA tourism zone. The emperors of the Zhou (1046-256 BCE), Qin (221-206 B.C.), Han (206 BC–220 AD), Sui (581-618 CE) and Tang (618-907 CE) dynasties took the Huaqing Pool as their temporary imperial palace. The Huaqing Pool is well known because of the romantic love story between Emperor XuanZhong Li Longji (685-762 CE) of the Tang Dynasty and his favorite consort Yang Yuhuan. Now Eternal Grief, a large historical dance drama on the love story about Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang and Noble Consort Yang over 1,000 years ago, staged at the Huaqing Pool every evening.