The Lingkong Mountain, also know as the Jiuding Mountain, is 30km northwest of Qinyuan County. Looked at from afar, the mountain is covered by pine trees and surrounded by steep and precipitous cliffs with a multitude of gurgling springs. The Shenghou Temple is a must-see when visiting the mountain. Temples, Buddhist nurseries, the Xiaoqiao Bridge, the Luanqiao Bridge and the East Bell Tower have all been well preserved and thus retain their magnificent orderly arrangement. In addition, dozens of rarely seen sturdy pine trees have been standing on the mountain since ancient times, maintaining their uniquw shapes such as three sticks of incense, nine flags on poles, or a Buddha with two Bodhisattvas. Visitors can also enjoy many wonderful natural features, such as the Gahai Cave, the Wulong Pool and 18 windings, where emerald mountains are surrounded with crystal waters and enveloped with clouds.