Formerly the Tianjin Museum, the present Museum of history Tianjin boasts more than 100000 items of collection, many of which are rare treasures handed down from one dynasty th the next. They also include codes, books, and documents of the past dynasties, relics of daily use of centuries past, and unearthed local relics, nearly 30000 of them are ranked first of second class State-level relics.

The jade wares of different dynasties systematically show how the jade and stone carving craft developed with the advance of times. The jade pig-paragon, a totem of the Neolithic people, is a typical ware of the Hongshan Culture of around 7500 years past. The highlights of the museum collections are the priceless 1700 pieces of Shang Dynasty (1046-771 B.C.) bones and tortoise shells with inscriptions on them.

On regular exhibition are the topology and history of Tianjin, and the folk customs of the Tianjin locals.

4 Guanghualu, Hedong District, Tianjin