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Fujian Province, with a warm and humid semi-tropical maritime climate, is situated along China’s southeastern coast. It is separated from Taiwan only by the narrow Taiwan Straits. With more than 3,300-meter coastlines, the province occupies a total land area of 121,400 square kilometers and 136,300 square kilometers of sea area, one of the major windows and bases for China’s foreign communication. With a population of 35 million, Fujian is also the major hometown of overseas Chinese in China. Over the world, there are more than ten million overseas Chinese of Fujian origin.


Dongshan Wind Rock
Located at the Tongling Town of Dongshan County, Dongshan Wind Rock is a national grade-4A tourist attraction and provincial-level scenic spots. Regarded as “No.1 rock in the…

Nine Twist Stream
Originated from Wuyi Mountain range, Nine Twist Stream crosses the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Spot, with nine curves, hence its name. With the total length up to 9.5 kilometers, the stream occupies an area of 8.5 square kilometers. With mountains surrounded…

Qingyuan Mountain
Only 2.5 kilometers away from Quanzhou downtown, Qingyuan Mountain scenic spot is national key scenic spot. Comprised of such three parts as Qingyuan Mountain, Sacred…

Wuyi Mountain
Situated at southern Wuyishan City, Fujian, at the southeast foot of north Wuyi Mountain range, Wuyi Mountain was listed in the first group of National Key Scenic Spots and…


Fujian Quanjiafu Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant
Add: Liuyu North Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87560168

Fujian Quanjiafu Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant
Add: Liuyu North Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87560168

Fuzhou Delicacy Restaurant
Add: 1st floor Shengyu Building, 1 Hujie Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87558536

Letaoyuan Cuisine&Pottery City
Add: 1st floor Huada Hotel, 2 Tongpan Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87831178

Quanzhou Oasis Restaurant
Add: 101 Tumen St., Quanzhou
Tel: +86-595-2191769

Xiamen Kaiyuan District Ginger Chicken Restaurant
Add: Datong Rd., Xiamen
Tel: +86-592-2078743

Xiamen New Nanxuan Restaurant
Add: Siming South Rd., Xiamen
Tel: +86-592-2023968

Yonghe Fish ball Snack
Add: Front of Fengming Apartment, Xiannan St., East Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87502905


Fujian Foreign Trade Central Hotel
Add: 73 Wusi Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87523388

Fuzhou Grand Hotel
Add: 1 Doudong Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-8333333

Fuzhou Hot Spring Hotel
Add: 218 Wusi Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87851818

Fuzhou Lakeside Hotel
Add: 158 Hubin Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87839888

Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Harbourview Xiamen
Add: 12 Zhenhai Rd., Xiamen
Tel: +86-592-2023333

Xiamen Jingmin Central Hotel
Add: Songbai Residential Area
Tel: +86-592-5123333

Xiamen Yuehua Hotel
Add: 101 Yuehua Road, Huli District, Xiamen
Tel: +86-592-6023333


Fujian Provincial Museum
Add: West Lake Park, 71 Hubin Road, Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-83726692

Fuzhou Municipal Museum
Add: Yushan Mountain Dashi Hall, Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-83337651

Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum
Add: 493 Siming South Rd., Xiamen
Tel: +86-592-2085345

Zheng He Historical Facts Museum
Add: Tashan Park, Wuhang Town, Changle
Tel: +86-591-28924529


Fuzhou Fuya Handicraft Co., LTD
Add: 267 Fudong Rd., Gulou District, Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87504342

Fuzhou Hengji Carpet Co., LTD
Add: Ganghu West Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87734212

Travel Agencies

Fujian China Travel Agency
Add: 116 Wusi Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87532687

Fujian China Travel Holiday Agency Co., LTD
Add: 151 Hudong Rd., Gulou District, Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87845516

Fujian China Youth Travel Agency
Add: 20 th Floor in International Plaza, Wusi Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87810013

Fujian West Lake International Travel Agency
Add: 158 Hubin Road, Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87839888

Fuzhou Kangtai International Travel Agency Co., LTD
Add: 55-1 East Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87607358

Fuzhou Overseas Travel Head Office
Add: 1 Wuyi North Rd., Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-83340070

Fuzhou Travel Company
Add: 1 Wuyi North Road, Fuzhou
Tel: +86-591-87538967