Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is called “Gui” for short with nanning as the capital city. Located in the southern part of China, the region borders Vietnam on the southwest and the Beibu Gulf on the south. A basin ringed by mountains on four sides among which the highest peak is Mao’er Mountain, Guangxi has widespread expanses of limestone topography which covers half of tis over 230,000 ㎢ area. It is multi-ethnic region with a population of over 50 million including 12 ethnic groups such as Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Dong, etc.

With beautiful waters and mountains, charming beaches and colorful local customs, Guangxi will ensure you a happy and unforgettable time.


Beihai Silver Beach
Located at the southern point of Beihai Peninsula and stretching as long as 24 kilometers, it is a national scenic zone of AAAA level and is characterized by long and flat…

Detian Waterfalls
The waterfalls are located on the upper reaches of the Guichun River along the Sino-Vietnam Border in Daxin County. Coming from the north, the river pounds against mountains…

Elephant trunk hill
Located in the center of the city at the juncture of the Taohua River and the Lijiang River, it is a national scenic zone of AAAA level. It is so called because it is in the shape of an…

It is so called because of “woods of osmanthus trees”. It is a scenic tourism city of national improtance and a famous city of historical culture characterized by the beautiful…

Lijiang River Scenic Area
The Lijiang River is a national key scenic area and the essence of Guilin scenery. Stretching from Guilin to Yangshuo, the Lijiang River is 83km in its full length. If you go aboard at…

Longji Terraced Fields
Located in Ping’an Village in Heping Townshp, 23 kilometers from Longsheng County, the scenic zone covers an area of 66 square kilometers. The terraced fields scatter between…

Longsheng Hot Spring
Located in Longsheng Hot Spring National Forest Park in jiangdi Township, Longsheng County, it is a national tourist attraction of AAAA level. In the scenic zone there are green…

Being the captial city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nanning is located in the southwestern prt of the region and has a history of more than 1,600 years. It has such…

Qixing (seven stars) Scenic zone
Located on the eastern bank of the Lijiang River in the urban area with the branch of the Lijiang River running through, it is the largest comprehensive scenic zone…

Weizhou Island
It is standing in the sea, southeast of Beihai. It ranked the second when China national Geographic appraised through comparison ten of China’s most beautiful sea islands in 2005…

Yaoshan Mountain Scenic Zone
Located in the eastern suburbs of Guilin, the Yaoshan Mountain is the highest mountain in the urban area of Guilin. It is so called because of the Yaodi Temple built in the…


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Guangxi Museum
Located on Minzu Avenue in nanning, it was built in 1934 and covers an area of 30,000 square meters. In its Bronze Drum Hall there stores the world’s biggest bronze drum, and it is a museum in China with the most bronze drums collected and the comparatively complete types of bronze drums. The Hall of Ethnic Folk…


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