Situated at the southern end of the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is an important economic central city and harbor city in the eastern coastal areas, a famous historical and cultural city of China and a place of scenic and historic interest, as well as a venur for sports matches on the sea druing the 2008 Olympic Games. Qingdao attracts tens of foreign tourists with its romantic flavor everyday.

Relying on the picturesque seaside scenery, Qingdao has brought into full play its advantage of being “China’s marine S&T industrial city”, and started a wide variety of sports events on water, making tourists enjoy the boundless charm of the “land of water sports.” Qingdao is the venue for “Qingdao Ocean Festival”, the only Chinese festival with the ocean as the theme.

The well-preserved old streets and Western-sytle villas present the unique European flavor. More than 20 types of Western buildings are tucked away in green trees. Amidst the warm and moisture sea wind, brides and bridegrooms in wedding dresses strolling along Badaguan will feel as if they were traveling in Europe.

The annual “Bar Culture Festival” is held in winter in Qingdao. Several hundreds of bars, each showing its own unique sytle, are an ideal place for foreign tourists to relax themselvs, and the world-renowned “Qingdao International Beer Festival” is another highlight for Chinese and foreign tourists, when they can drink Tsingtao beer and make friends from all over the world to their hearts content.

Qingdao, a bright pearl on the eastern coastal line, is opening its arms to welcome the sacred fire from the Mount Olympus, and the diligent and kind Qingdao people are preparing a perfect Olympic tour and a romantic gathering for both Chinese and foreign friends.