The Qinghai Lake Scenic Zone is a national AAAA scenic zone, a natioal scenic zone and historic interest zone and a national nature reserve.

With an area of 4,500sq km and a circumference of over 360 km, it is the largest inland salt water lake in China, and the second largest in the world.

This highland lake with unique characteristics attracts tourists with a great number of natural and cultural landscapes, such as the wetland scenery, the nomadic culture, mysterious legends and religious sites of the Tibetan people, and the China Atom City. Various tourist projects and activities showcase the unusual pleateau culture and ethnic customs, such as ethnic songs and dances, sand beaches by the lake, the Tibetan folklore garden, the herdsmen’s home, a boat tour of the lake, and the ceremony for offering scrifices to the sea. The cultural and sports activities, such as riding horses, camels and yarkd, taking the horse- drawn cart, and appreciating the round- the- lake health-building tour, have created competitive and amusement brands of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

In July every year, the “The International Cycling Race around Qinghai Lake”, the top and largest road cycling race on the highest plateau in the world, is held here, becoming a bright scenery line of Qinghai Lake.