Only 2.5 kilometers away from Quanzhou downtown, Qingyuan Mountain scenic spot is national key scenic spot. Comprised of such three parts as Qingyuan Mountain, Sacred Mountain & Holy Tombs, and Nine Suns Mountain, this scenic spot cooupies a total area of 62 square kilometers. Famous for its springs, rocks, caves and peaks, Qingyuan Mountain preserved quite a lot of cultural relics and ancient sites. There are statues of Buddhism and Taoist from Song Wuyi Mountai. Since at present, there are very a few preserved, the tea is very rare and precious. With clear springs in the canyon, Dahongpao tea grows at the place more than 600 meters above sea level. Since the soil there is effloreced from acid rocks, it is suitable for the growth of tea. With dense branches, these tea trees boast shining green leaves and the new sprouts are in purplish red. Every year, at the time when the tea trees are sprouting, people seeing faraway would find that these tea trees are all in crimson, as if wearing red robes.