Located on the eastern bank of the Lijiang River in the urban area with the branch of the Lijiang River running through, it is the largest comprehensive scenic zone in Guilin and is a national tourist attraction of AAAA level. In the scenic zone there are seven peaks whose layout is similar to that of the Big Dipper. Thus the scenic zone got its name Qixing (Seven Stars). It has become a famous tourist attraction ever since the Tang Dynasty. The Qixing Cave in the zone is very famous, which is a limestone cave comprised of over ten connecting cave halls. In the cave there are stalactites, stalagmites such as limestone columns and limestone veils of diferent shapes, which form a magnificent view. The Qixing Scenic Zone displays the essence of Guilin scenery- the beautiful mountains and waters, magnificent rocks and caves and cultural sites of long history, which make it famous scenic zone in China.

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