Around the hillsides of the Helanshan, 40 km or more off the Yinchuan City, there are several tens of thousands of rock carvings by ancient nomadic tribes, which are known as Helanshan Rock Carvings. Most of them are concentrated at Halankou Pass, totaling more than 1000 carvings.

It is also a key site of relics being protected by the state. It is readily accessible by various traffic means. Of all the cavings, a great number are images of human faces, handprints, and hunting, and offering sacrifice. Among the animal paintings, there are running deer, blue sheep, tigers and leopards, duckbills, and flying birds.

According to the textual research by specialists, these rock carvings can be dating back to 6000 years before the dynasties og Ming and Qing. It was an art gallery created by ancient nomadic tribes. The artistic style of these rock carvings is wild and dense and thick, in simple design conceiving a unique artistic conception and value. They provide valuable materials for the study of the ways of life, ideas of religion, and war, farming and husbandry, hunting, and astronomy of various ethnic minority groups in ancient China.

Helanshan Rock carvings have produced a great influence on the world. The annual conference of the International Rock carvings Organization was convened there in October 1991.

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