In the south of Northeast China, Shenyang is a political and cultural center tof Northeast China, famous historical and cultural city of CHina and will-known tourist city.

Shenyang has a time-honored history and splendid culture. Over 7,200 years ago, the ancestors of the Shenyang people lived in the vast Liaohe River valley, and set up the matrilineal commune. In 1625, Nurhachi(1559 – 1626) named Shenyang the first capital of the Qing Dynasty, and the Shenyang Imperial Palace and the imperial tombs ( the Fuling and the Zhaoling) were built. The ancient and unsophisticated Mahchu villages are like beautiful painting scrolls displaying rich and varied Manchu folk culture, while Xita Street displays the customs and lifesytle of the Korean people.

Now Shenyang is developing science and technology, and constantly improving its comprehensive strength by fully making use of its advantage of being a heavy industry base. It has established friendly cooperative relations with 50-some foreign cities. In 2006, Shenyang successfully hosted the World Horticulture Exposition, displaying a brand new Shenyang to the world.

The co-hosting of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will make Shenyang irradiate more vitality and vigor. Now the people of Shenyang are sparing no effort to build the stadiums and gymnasiums for football matches, prepare folk cultural performances, select the Olympic culture square, organize news media, optimize transport facilities, change high-equality buses and set up the special channels for the Olympic Games at the airport, so as to make contributions to the successful hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games with their wisdom and sweat!