About one km south of the city stand the Lesser Wild Goose Pagoda within the compound of the Jianfu Temple. This Pagoda is smaller than the Greater Wild Goose Pagoda in the Daci’en Temple, hence the name. First constructed in the jinlong reign (707-710) of Emperor Zhongzong of the Tang Dynasty, it is a square brick structure with multi-layer eaves. Originally, the Lesser Wild Goose Pagoda had 15 stories, but now it has only 13stories after many earthquakes. The Less Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the two important symbols of the ancient capital of Chang’an in the Tang Dynasty. “The Wild Goose Pagoda and Morning Toll.”, which consists of the Lesser Wild Goose Pagoda and the toll from the Jianfu Temple, is one of the eight scenic sights in Guanzhong.

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