Situated in the Tsingtao Beer Factory in Dengzhou Road, Qingdao, it is a special tourist destination integrating the production of beer, sightseeing, catering service, leisure and recreational activities. Now the Tsingtao Beer Museum is a national AAAA scenic zone, and a demonstration centre of the national industrial tourism.

The Tsingtao Beer Museum has three exhibition zones, i.e., the 100-year History and Culture, the Beer Production Line, and the Multi-functional Recreational Zone. Tourists will visit the Century Plaza, the 100-year beer brewing equipment, the multi-functional recreational hall, and the most advanced beer production lines in the world, taste free beer brewed on the very day, and receive some free snacks. Tourists can also visit some tourist attractions, such as Old Well, Drenken Immortal Pavilon, Century Plaza, Bottoms Up with the World, and Drunken Hut in the museum.