It is standing in the sea, southeast of Beihai. It ranked the second when China national Geographic appraised through comparison ten of China’s most beautiful sea islands in 2005. The island retains China’s richest volcanic scenes. On the island there are dense shelter of foliage shuts out the sunlight, fragrance floats on the breeze in four seasons and numerous migratory birds can be found there. The beaches by the islands are charming with transparently blue water. At the sea bottom there are living corals and precious marine products in various colors and types. Xieyang Island, nine nautical miles from Weizhou Island, covers an area of only 1.89 square kilometers. The island is tranquil with dense woods and rocks in peculiar shapes, which can be regarded as a peaceful place isolated from the outside world. Wizhou Island and Xieyang Island habe been known as “Major and Minor Penglai Islands” since ancient times.

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