Situated at southern Wuyishan City, Fujian, at the southeast foot of north Wuyi Mountain range, Wuyi Mountain was listed in the first group of National Key Scenic Spots and inscribed into the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1999. Shaped as a strip and with a total area of 70 square kilometers, the width from east to west is about 5 kilometers and the length from south to north is about 14 kilometers. Belonging to Danxia physiognomy, Wuyi Mountain forms its unique geographic features because of crustal movement in the history and is known as “three by three”, “six by six”, “seventy-two,” and “ninety-nine”. “Three by three” refers to the jade-like nine twist stream circling around the mountain. “Six by six” refers to the thirty six gorgeour peaks. “Seventy-two” and “ninety-nine” refer to 72 caves and 99 cliffs, respectively. With green water and red hills, Wuyi Mountain is famed as “Most Beautiful Uner Heaven.”