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Welcome to the online exhibition “Nihao!China” – the 2024 Northern China Ice and Snow Tourism Overseas Promotion Season, organized by Network of International Culturalink Entities in collaboration with the cultural and tourism departments of 9 provinces/regions/cities, including Beijing,Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang,and Xinjiang. The event, held in coordination with our overseas cultural and tourism institutions, takes place from December 2023 to February 2024. The activities around the theme “Building Dreams in Ice and Snow,” aiming to embody the development concept of “Ice and Snow, Golden and Silver Mountains.” Leveraging China’s advantages in ice and snow resources, the initiative utilizes the “cool” resources of ice and snow to stimulate the “hot” economy of culture and tourism. It contributes to green and high-quality development, promotes cultural exchange, and highlights China’s distinctive ice and snow tourism internationally.

From the majestic Great Wall to the enchanting snow-covered landscapes of Changbaishan Mountain, ice sculptures and frozen waterfalls, each province contributes a unique tapestry to the broader narrative of China’s ice and snow tourism.

This online exhibition kicks off with a theme photo exhibit “Continuing to Write the Grand Chapter of Ice and Snow”, consisting of three captivating chapters — “Romance in the Real M of Snow,” “Stage of Warm Snow,” and “China Chic of Ice and Snow” to unfold the richness of China’s diverse ice and snow tourism resources. Subsequently, we will unveil the distinctive ice and snow tourism offerings of the nine northern provinces and municipalities in China.”

We invite you to join us on this virtual journey, to learn about what makes winter in China such a special time and place to escape. Start your ice and snow adventures and “Nihao! China” awaits your discovery.