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Air China has developed a new gourmet in-flight menu for its first-class service based on the offerings of Barolo, the Italian restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Beijing. Head chef Amedeo Ferri was consulted in concert with Beijing Air Catering Co. Ltd, who helped to adapt dishes for the different environment of a pressurized air cabin, where sensitivity to flavor and smell can be diminished in comparison to on the ground, and where all food must be reheated having been brought in cold. A variety of four-course seasonal menus – one balanced example announced featuring spiced prawn salad, tomato and basil soup, braised beef tenderloin, and panna cotta for dessert – are being made available to first-class passengers on flights to North America as of August 1st. Air China has been revamping the food service on its domestic and international routes since early 2016.