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Amazing Urban Green: The City of 100 Lakes

The City of 100 Lakes

Amazing Urban Green: The City of 100 Lakes

Wuhan, Hubei’s capital, is known as the City of 100 Lakes (166 lakes in fact), among which East Lake sits atop almost every visitor’s bucket list to Wuhan.

Consisting of 11 urban lakes, the East Lake Scenic Area offers more than a water playground. It includes mountains, forests, botanic gardens, +100km hiking and cycling tracks with picturesque views, and walking distance transport hubs for remingling with modern lifestyle. An all-year attraction, the East Lake Scenic Area boasts the biggest collections of plum blossoms and lotus, and is among the Top3 hotspots globally to see cherry flowers. Never miss out if you visit Wuhan, for a feast of the eye on the brightest seasonal colors!

Wuhan, The River City

The Yangtze River gave Shanghai the Bond, while for Wuhan, fairly, the River Beach. It controls floods and entertains Wuhan’s daily life. Built as a beach and a park, it has all the facilities for water play and activities afterward: bars, restaurants, street snack booths, you name it. Get abroad on a cruise, or take a stroll on the beach, see buildings on the banks lit up, go to a star restaurant, and simply, eat by the river and relax.

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