As a national AAAA tourist area, the Ancient Ciqikou Town located in Shapingba District on the bank of the Jialing Rivier, only three kilometers from the bustling downtown of Chongqing, covers 1.5 square kilometers, and is rich in unique traditional culture and historical sites. Ciqikou was originally known as Baiyachang. Built in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), the town became famous in the Ming and Qing dynasties for the production and shipment of blue and white porcelain wares. As an important port on the jialing River, it was once a very prosperous town, nicknamed “Lesser Chongqing,” Old and plain-looking, most of the buildings in the town are well preserved. The town is also famous for varous local snacks, tea houses and traditional folk shows. such as oil crops compressing, silk reeling, candy making, dough figurine sculpturing and Sichuan Opera.

Transport: Take Bus No. 220,261,808 or 843 and get off at Ciqikou