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Beijing, as the capital and the political cultural center of China, boasts more than 3000 years of history and 850 years of history as a capital. Beijing is a well-known ancient oriental city, with its glorious historical landscapes and rich cultural heritage. The world’s largest palace, the Forbidden City, is located on the central axis of the capital. With the imperial summer palace, the Great Wall and the famous Beijing Siheyuan Prince Gong’s Mansion, there are more than 7,300 cultural relics and more than 200 tourist attractions in the city.

Beijing nowadays is a fusion of ancient and modern, small alleys, old-fashioned teahouses, trendy bar streets, and bustling commercial districts. Infinite modern elements blended with the authentic Beijing style. The hosting of the 29th Olympic Games has made this historical and cultural city full of vitality. What you see and feel is not only the majestic, solemn and heavy vicissitudes of the ancient imperial capital, but also the fashionable and prosperous, high-speed and convenient modern metropolis.

Beijing will host the Winter Olympics in February 2022 after the successful 2008 Summer Olympics. This ancient capital has made a significant movement in the history of the Olympics. With the coming up 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing, China National Tourist Office, Sydney and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism jointly launched the “Charming Beijing Travel Photography Online Exhibition” on the CNTO’s website. In addition to Beijing’s iconic historical sites such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and the Summer Palace, the exhibition highlights the brilliance of modern Beijing represented by scenic spots such as the World Expo, Winter Olympics, and CBD. Showcases Beijing’s rich tourism resources, splendid history and culture, further enhance Beijing’s image and international reputation as a tourist destination.

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