On the western side of the People’s Square, the Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum, as a national AAAA tourist spot, is well known for its dedication to the protection, study and display of the historical and cultural heritages in Chongqing and the Three Gorges area. The main architectural structure of the museum is gorgeous and magnificent with profound connotations. the museum boasts a 23,000 square meter exhibition area and a collection of more than 170,000 cultural relics. It has four major exhibition halls. The Hall of Splendid Three Gorges showcases the history and culture of the Three Gorges area: the Hall of Ancient Ba-Yu Culture focuses on the history of Chongqing: the Hall of Urban Development highlights the changes that have taken place in the city: and the Hall of Anti-Japanese Years tells Chongqing’s story during the Chinese people’s War of Resistance tourist destination to both the Chinese and foreign tourists to Chongqing.

Add: Renmin Rd, Yuzhong, Chongqing, China,

Web: www.3gmuseum.cn