Located at 72 Pipashan Zhengjie, Yuzhong District, the Chongqing Museum was built in 1951. Originally named the Southwest Museum, it has an exhibition hall of more than 3,000 square meters, and boasts a collection of 100,000 cultural relics and 100,000 valuable books. Treasures in its collection include paintings by famous painters since the Song Dynasty (960-1279), porcelain wares made by renowned kilns, boccaro wares of the Ming and Qing dynasties, coins, stone rubbings and stone tablets from various dynasties, and stone frescos of the Han Dynasty (260 B.C-A.D.24). These relics are historically and culturally significant to the studies of the Ba-Yu culture, folk culture and the modern history of Chongqing.

Transport: Take Buk No.402,403,601 or 603

Add: 72 Pipashan Zhengjie, Yuzhong District

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