Discover the Magic of Zhangjiajie


Welcome to the Zhangjiajie Online Exhibition, a marvellous journey through a land where reality and fantasy converge. Renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery, Zhangjiajie captivates with its towering sandstone pillars, dense forests, and mist-shrouded valleys, transporting you into a fairy tale world. Serving as the inspiration for the mystical landscapes of Pandora in James Cameron’s blockbuster “Avatar,” Zhangjiajie captures the imagination of visitors from around the globe.

This online exhibition not only showcases the stunning images and fascinating videos of Zhangjiajie but also introduces five main travel routes, including World Natural Heritage Route, Folk Customs Route, Health and Wellness Route, Food Route and Instagrammable Locations Route, offering you a comprehensive experience of this enchanting wonderland.

Join us in this immersive online experience and look forward to your visit to Zhangjiajie for its surreal landscapes and boundless charm.

Natural Heritage Route

In 1992, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area was selected as a World Natural Heritage site. In 2004, it was also among the first batch of global geoparks. Within this area, there are thousands of unique peaks, earning it the reputation of being an expanded bonsai, and miniaturized fairyland.

The main attractions here include:

  • Tianzi Mountain – the oldest quartz sandstone landform with peak forests
  • Yuanjiajie – featured as the “Hallelujah Mountains” in the movie “Avatar”
  • Bailong Elevator – the highest outdoor elevator
  • Ten-Mile Gallery – where the mountainous terrain resembles a painting
  • Huangshi Village – known from the saying: “If you don’t visit Huangshi village, you haven’t been to Zhangjiajie.”
  • Jinbian Stream – the most picturesque canyon
  • Yangjiajie – the youngest quartz sandstone landform, with formations resembling walls

Folk Customs Route

Zhangjiajie is home to 45 ethnic groups, including the Tujia and Bai ethnicities, where each have their own traditional ancient customs. The Tujia fabric and sandstone paintings, are full of creativity and known as the “Zhangjiajie gifts”.

Traditional grand festivals include:

  • Yuanyu Lantern Festival
  • Bai people – Third Month Third Day Festival
  • Tujia people – Sixth Month Sixth Day Festival
  • All incredibly lively and vibrant

Other immersive customs:

  • Stroll through the “Tibetan Palace of the Tujia” within the seventy-two unique towers
  • High-quality performances such as “Tianmen Fox Fairy“, and “Charm of Western Hunan,” experiencing the thousand-year-old masterpiece of love between man and fox

Health and Wellness Route

Zhangjiajie stands out with an impressive forest coverage of 71%, making it a vital national ecological functional area and a crucial ecological shield in the middle and lower stretches of the Yangtze River.

The area is abundant in flora and fauna, and the National Nature Reserve serves as a world-class biodiversity hotspot for plants and animals, holding 1.5 times more species than in Europe, boasting ecological treasures such as the Chinese Peony, Giant Salamander, and Macaques, among many other species.


  • Hot springs of Jiangya and Wanfu, where temperatures consistently hover around 45°C
  • Lung-cleansing bath
  • Both offering a serene space to escape, rest, and rejuvenate

Food Route

When traveling to Zhangjiajie, indulging in its delicious cuisine is a must.

Zhangjiajie’s famous dishes:

  • Tujia Braised Pork
  • Mom’s Stir-Fried Pork, Braised Catfish
  • Signature Braised Sweetfish

Zhangjiajie also offers a variety of delightful snacks:

  • Haozi Babao (a type of steamed cornbread)
  • Tu Ethnic Hezha (local dessert)
  • Mai Tang Guo (noodle soup)

A selection of the top ten restaurants in Zhangjiajie include:

  • Qin Mama, Wulong Village
  • Le Kou Fu Homestyle Cuisine
  • Xidong Courtyard, Suoxi Village

Instagrammable Locations Route

Zhangjiajie features a treasure trove of picturesque spots, with every step revealing a new breathtaking landscape.

Some of the most popular spots for Instagram-worthy photos include:

  • Zhangjiajie Seven-Star Mountain
  • Sky Eye
  • Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk
  • Seventy-Two Storey Tower
  • Zhangjiajie Oxygen Bar Square
  • Huanglong Cave Ecological Square
  • Grand Canyon Glass Bridge
  • Wanfu Hot Springs, Love Heart Lake