Explore Xi'an - Discovering the Charm of China


Xi’an, formerly known as Chang’an, an ancient city with a rich history spanning over 3,100 years, including over 1,100 years as a capital, a testament to its historical significance as the “World Famous Historical City” earliest recognized by UNESCO.

Xi’an, where nature and history beautifully converge, stands as a global tourist destination. As the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and a pivotal city along the “Belt and Road” initiative, you will experience its unique cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and the splendid tapestry of modern Chinese life. Xi’an, now the 9th national central city is embarking on an exciting journey of unprecedented development.

Explore Xi’an and experience China! The Millennium-old capital welcome visitor from the world. Xi’an belongs to China, yet it also belongs to the world!

Welcome to Xi’an!

Stunning Photographs

Ancient Xi'an

Culture lasting for thousands of years is thriving here.

Xi’an, where China’s culture started to take root.

Touring Xi’an, is a time travel across Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties.

Ecological Xi'an 

“Looking back to the Lishan Mountain from Chang’an, the splendid landscape extends magnificently.”

The Zhongnan Mountain stands still in the south.

In Xi’an commanded by the great Qinling Mountains, urban development and ecological civilization have found harmonious co-existence.

Prosperous Xi'an 

It seems that one can see all prosperity of Chang’an in one day.

From the prosperous Chang’an to the flourishing Xi’an, thousands of years flew.

Chang’an is the past of Xi’an, and Xi’an is the realized prospect of  Chang’an.

Delicious Xi'an

The long-lasting Shaanxi dishes and popular classic snacks, led by time-honored brands and characterized by local features, include more than 400 kinds of delicacies in Xi’an, all of which bring tourists a long-lasting aftertaste of  Chang’an.

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