This museum lies in the middle section of Huangshan Street, the heartland of the region in Hefei where many scientific and educational institutions can be found. Now it has become an important science popularization and education base, and a new tourist attraction of Anhui.

The major exhibition hall, with a floorage of about five square km, looks like a large vessel braving the mighty sea, symbolizing the ship of science and technology sailing forward. On the eastern side of the exhibiton hall is a one-square-km ball-shaped exhibition hall, where the only domed theatre of the province is located; the huge flying saucerlike appearance of the theatre represents the profound mystery of science. On the western side are the areas for academic exchange and science and technology training, as well as administrative offices, with a floorage of about four square km.

The museum contatins more than 300 exhibits housed in 14 sections- flight simulation, energy machines, information technology, human life science, motion, machinary, mathematics, a children’s zone, sound, light, electromagnetics, Yang Chen Ning Exhibition Hall, a dome theatre and a spherical cinema. The exhibits are not only interesting but also artistic. Some 80 percent of them are interative and suitable for all visitors to have a try in person.