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Anhui Province is located at the hinterland of East China, crossing the Yangtze River and the middle and lower reaches of the Huai River. To the east, it links with Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces; to the west, it adjoins Hubei and Henan provinces; to the south it borders Jiangxi Province; and to the north it backs on Shandong Province. It is the cradle of Chinese civilization, and home to the famous Huaihe River culture and the Hui culture.

Here originated the Jian’an Literature, the Tongcheng Literary School and Xin’an Culture. Furthermore, Anhui is known as the land of traditional drama and opera represented by Hui Opera, Huangmei Opera and Flower Drama Dance which are shining points in Chinese traditional cultre. It brought up Hui Merchants that had been acclaimed in the business field for 300 years and China’s first steam engine, merchanical ship and telephone were produced in Anhui. All the achievements opened a new page for China’s commercial and modern industrial civilization. Anhui ancient cultural masters had exerted a far-reaching influence on the course of Chinese cultural development, such as Lao Zi, founder of Taoism, Huatuo, a magical doctor of the Eastern han Dynasty ( 25 – 220 AD) and Cao Cao, an excellent strategist, politician and poet of Three Kindoms.(220-280)

Anhui province is such a place combining natural landscapes with cultural heritages. It is like a garden gathering magnificent mountains and rivers and fascinating cultural relics throughout the province. The plain on the north of Anhui is vast and fertile, whild in the middle area between the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River lies the network of rivers and lakes and the chain of undulating hills. The Dabie Mountain area maintains good eco-environment. The mountain area in South Anhui boasts beautiful mountains and lush plantaion. In Anhui, there are two world cultural heritage sites, five national historic and cultural cities, 10 national scenic and historic interest areas and 31 national scenic areas rated above AAAA level. The recommended sightseeing list in Anhui would include Mt. Huangshan, a world cultural and natural heritage and world geopark, the Buddist mountain Mt. Jiuhua, Mt. Qiyun, one of China’s famous Taoist immortal mountains, Tianzhu mountain, the ancient Nanyue (one of the famous Buddist holy mountains), the Xin’an River reputed as a gallery of beauty on water, and the ancient villages in southern Anhui – Xidi and Hongcun. The rich tourism resources of Anhui are described by two old sayings clearly as “The Wanjiang River suges 800 li (1 li: 0.5 kilometer), the Huaihe River has a history of 5,000 years.” and “Nowhere can be called dreamland once you come to Huizhou, no mountain is worthy of being visited once you trabel to Mt. Huangshan.”


Hefei City
Hefei, capital of Anhui Province, has an area of some 7,029.48 square km and a population of 4.8 million. It is the hometown of Bao Zheng (999-1062), a famously impartial official in…

Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area
As a national AAAAA scenic area, the mountain, located in Chizhou, is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape and the profound Buddist culture. It is even…

Mount Huangshan Scenic Area
It is a national AAAAA scenic area. Called Mount Yishan in ancient times, Mount Huangshan is sixty-nine kilometers from Tunxi, the center of Huangshan City. It is…

Tangyue Archway group and Bao Family Garden
Lying in the Tangyue Village of Fujie Township, Shexian County, the Tangyue Archway Group is a key historical monument under state protection. There are seven memorial…


Hui cuisine is the major representative of Anhui Cuisine, known for the exquisite skill of cooking the delicacies of all kinds. It features the common usage of ham to diversify taste and crystal sugar to increase freshness, apt at roasting and pot-roast, with heat control being attached with importance. Famous dishes include Brasied Fish head and Tails, Fish Tails in Brown Sauce and Salted Mandarin Fish. Furthermore, Yanjiang cuisine featuring freshwater fish and poultry, and Yanhuai cuisine combining local styles of Bengbu, Suxian County and Fuyang also enjoy reputation.

Ding Li Qing Chun Lamb Restaurant
Add: 7 Gucheng Rd., Huaibei
Tel: 0086-561-3885833

Guang Tou Fen Si Bao Restaurant
Add: Donghu Rd., Chizhou
Tel: 0086-566-2038579

Hui Cai Restaurant
Add: 59 Huangshan W. Rd., Tunxi District, Huangshan
Tel: 0086-559-2517828

Laojie Diyi Lou
Add: 247 Laojie Street, Tunxi District, Huangshan
Tel: 0086-559-2358388

Little Lamb Hot Pot
Add: Opposite to 10 Middle School, Changjiang W. Rd., Tongling
Tel: 0086-562 5833329

Luzhou Roast Duck Restaurant
Add: 107 Suzhou Rd., Hefei City (Oppostie the Drum Tower)
Tel. +0086-551-2692718

Tu Cai Restaurant
Add: Muzhen Rd., Qingyang County, Chizhou
Tel: 0086-566-5023879


Anhui hotel
Add: 18 Meishan Rd., Hefei
Tel: +0086-551-2218888

Gujing Holiday Inn Hotel
Add: 1104 Changjiang E. Rd., Hefei, Anhui, China
Tel: +0086-551-2206008

Huangshan Hong Ta Hotel
Add: Inside Huangkou Tourist Resort, Tunxi District, Huangshan.
Tel: 0086-559-2326666

Huangshan Pine Golf & Country Club
Add: 78 Longjing, Jichang Rd., Tunxi District, Huangshan
Tel: 0086-559-2568000

Nanhu Hotel
Add: 49 Yanyang Rd., Ma’anshan
Tel: 0086-555-23639999

Nantian Hotel
Add: 1 Zhuangyuan M. Rd., Xuancheng
Tel: 0086-563-5208888

Sofitel Grand Park Hefei
Add: 258 Fanhua Ave., Economic Technology Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui
Tel: +0086-551-2216688


Anhui Provincial Museum
Anhui Provincial Museum is a fascinating museum full of bronze statues and Han Dynasty tomb rubbings. It also exhibits some ancient examples of the wooden architectural style commonly found in the surrounding area…

Hefei Science and Technology Museum
This museum lies in the middle section of Huangshan Street, the heartland of the region in Hefei where many scientific and educational institutions can be found. Now it has become an important science popularization and…


Dongfang Department Store
Add: Downtown Huaibei
Tel: 0086-561-3887897

Hefei Department Store
Add: 150 Changjiang Rd., Hefei
Tel: 0086-551-2686018

Huangshan Tea City
Add: 35Hehua W.Rd., Tunxi District, Huangshan
Tel: 0086-559-2528585

Jin Hualian Shopping Center, Anqing
Add: 422 Renmin Rd., Anqing
Tel: 556-5565087

Tongling Hebai Department Store
Add: 785 Changjiang M.Rd., Tongling
Tel: 0086-562-2827676

Tunxi Laojie Shopping Street
Add: 15 Binjiang W. Rd., Huangshan
Tel: 0086-559-2523255

Wal Mart
Add: Zhongshan N.Rd., Wuhu
Tel: 0086-553-5991608

Wuhu Shangzhidu Huayi Shopping Center
Add: Pedestrian Street, Zhongshan Rd., Wuhu

Travel Agencies

Anhui Spring Travel Service Co., Ltd.
Add: F6, Chenguang Building, 399 Changjiang M. Rd., Hefei
Tel: 0086-551-2824824

Anhui Workers International Travel Service
Add: 38 Shangtang Rd., Tunxi District, Huangshan
Tel: 0086-559-2120998

Chujiang Holiday International Travel Service
Add: 52 Hunan Rd., Ma’anshan
Tel: 0086-555-2888818

Huangshan Zhonghai International Travel Service Group Co.Ltd.
Add: 1 Binjiang E Rd., Tunxi District, Huangshan
Tel: 0086-559-2524455

Travel Agency of Chamber of Commerce
Add: 27-1 Duchun Rd., Wuhu
Tel: 0086-553-3836166