Known as “Qian” for short, Guizhou lies on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in southwestern China, covering an area of 170,000 square kilometers. Its terrain descends from west to east, widely scattered with limstone and Danxia landforms. The abundant underground rivers contribute to the unique natural resources of the province. Characterized by the various limestone landscapes, Danxia landforms, highland dammed lakes, crisscrossed rivers, fossils of ancient lives, rafting tourism, hot springs, Buddhist shrines, cave coffins, stone carvings, mural paintings, ancient architecture, and folk customs, the colorful natural and cultural tourism recources present an enchanting picture for Guizhou. At present, there are more than 120 scenic sites open to the public, famous of which are eight state-class scenic resorts, namely Huangguoshu Waterfall, Dragon Palae, Zhijin Cave, Red Maple Lake, Yanghe River, Libo Zhangjiang, Maling River Gorge, and Chishui River; seven national nature reserves, namely Fanjing Mountain, Molan Karst Primitive Forest, Chishui Primeval Forest, Weining Grass Lake, Xishui Broadleaf Forest, Leigong Mountain, and Mayanghe Francois’Leaf Monkey Reserve in Yanghe.


Fanjing Mountain
Situated at the confluence of Jiangkou, Yinjiang and Songtao Counties, Fanjing Mountain is a national nature reserve, with a total area of 567 sq km. It enjoys a reputation…

The Huangguoshu Waterfall is a state-class scenic resort, located 47 kilometers south of Anshun City and 137 kilometers from Guiyang City. Cascading into the Rhinoceros Pool on…

Jiaxu Tower
A landmark structure of Guiyang City, Jiaxiu(First scholar) Tower was built in 1597 and ries more than 20 meters high in three stories. Twelve stone columns support the…

Taijing Miao Sisters Festivals
Also dubbed as Valentines’s Day of the Miao, the festival is observed by the Miao people each year from the 14th to the 16th day of the third lunar month. During the festival…


Chen Yongkun Erkuai Glutinous Rice Cake
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Liuji Mutton Rice Noddlesr
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Wumengyuan Restaurant
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Yelang Bagua Chicken
Add: Opposite to Baiguo Town Credit Cooperative in the county town of Hezhang.
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Zhongshan Restaurant
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Guiyang Miracle Plaza Hotel
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Guizhou Fresh Flowers Hotel
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Guizhou Hotel
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Guizhou Sheng Feng Hotel
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Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Guizhou
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Miracle Hotel Guiyang
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Trade Point Hotel Guizhou
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Provincial Museum
Guiyang is at the heart of Guizhou ethnic minority culture and the Provincial Museum show cases this impressive local culture. Enjoy the costumes and art of the Miao People…

Qiandongnan Ethnic Museum
The Qiandongnan Ethnic Museum is situated in Kaili City, and the buildings in the museum show the ethnic characteristics. The building in the center is the…


Guiyang Arts&Crafts Factory
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Guiyang Cultural Relics Store
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Travel Agencies

China Travel Service, Guiyang
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China Travel Service, Guizhou
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CITS, Guizhou
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CITS, Southeast Guizhou
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CYTS, Guizhou
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Guizhou Int’l Sprots Tourist Corp.
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Guizhou Overseas Tourist Corp.
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Guizhou Railway Int’l Travel Service
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