Located in the heart of the North China Plain and enclosing Beijing and Tianjin, Hebei Province covers an area of nearly 190,000 sq km and has a population of over 63 million.

Hebei has become a pearl of China’s tourism and an ideal tourist destination, due to its well-developed transportation, beautiful environment, agreeable weather, rich tourism resources and improving reception facilities. Hebei boasts not only the wide expanses of the Central Hebei Plain, but also the multiple-ranged Taihang Mountains and Yanshan Mountains with numerous perilous peaks and grotesque rock formations. The green mountains, clear waters, sea beaches, vast plains and luxuriant forests jointly constitute a well-arranged and colorful landscape. The famous places of interest and scenic spots include Chengde Mountain Resort& the Eight Outer Temples, the Great Wall, Mulan Imperial Hunting Ground, the Western Qing Tombs, Beidaihe, Yesanpo, etc, among which Chengde Mountain Resort and the Eight Outer Temples, and the Great Wall have been inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List.


Baiyangdian Lake
As the largest freshwater lake on the Hebei Plain, the Baiyangdian Lake boasts a water area of up to 500 square km. The Lake has the beautiful and unique waterside appeal…

Beidaihe Resort
Being a national resort and scenic spot in China, Beidaihe is 15 km away from Qinhuangdao City in the southwest, and neighborts the Lianfeng Mountain in the north…

Chengde Mountain Resort
As a world cultural heritage, the Mountain Resort is the biggest royal garden extant in China. Also known as the Rdhe Temporary Imperial Palace, it used to be the place where…

Eastern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty
Being a world cultural heritage site, the Estern Tombs of the Qing Dynasty (1644- 1911), located in Zunhua County, are surrounded by mountains and accommodate a plain in the…

Great Wall at Jinshanling
Being a national AAAA scenic spot, the Great Wall at jinshanling (Jinshan Ridge) lies at the juncture between Bake Shiying Town, Luanping County, Chengde City of Hebei…

Shanhai Pass
Being a key cultural relic under state protection, Shanhai Pass has earned its name after its geographical location – 15 km to the northeast of Qinghuangdao City and lies…


The food and dishes from Hebei Province are mainly salted. Cookery in Hebei is good at quick-fry and stir up laying stress on color, flavor, smell and pattern. The special local foods produced by Hebei includes braised chicken of Shijiazhuang, noodles made from various coarse cereals of Raoyang, honey fried dough twist of Tangshan, pot-stewed chicken of Baoding and sea crab from Qinghuangdao.

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Hebei Provincial Museum
Hebei Provincial Museum’s exhibitions include prehistoric pottery, bronze artifacts, Buddhist statues and excavations from the Western Han Tombs…


There are plenty of local products and handicraft articles tsturned out from Hebei Province. The local products are Chinese chestnut, candied date of Shenzhou, small date from Cangzhou, snow pear from Zhaozhou, duck pear of Weixian County, grapes from Xuanhua, tribute rice from Zhuozhou, palace flour of Zhuozhuo and naked oat flour from Zhangbei County. Handicraft articles are inner painted bottle from Hengshui, stone sculpture from Quyang, paper cut of Weixian County. New Year picture of Wuqiang, reed weave ware of Baiyangdian, cloth covered painting of Fengning, pottery and porcelain both from Tangshan and Handan, tapestry from Zhuozhuo and cloisome enamel from Langfang.

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