The province of Heilongjiang lies on the northeastern border of China, and its name derives from the Heilongjiang River, the largest river flowing through the province. It faces Russia on the opposite bank of the Heilongjiang River in the north and the Ussuri River in the east. The province has national borderlines stretching for 3,045 kilometers. It adjoins the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the west and borders Jilin Province n the south. The province covers 454,800 square kilometers and has a total population of 38.15 million.

As a province of abundant ethnic customs, it accommodates 49 ethnic groups, such as the Han, Manchu, Korean, Mongolian, Daur, Xibe, Ewenki, Oroqen the Hezhen. Besides the magnificent Greater and Lesser Khingan Ranges and the boundless Sanjiang Plain, there are also rolling hills, vast grasslands, dense forests and imposing volcanic landforms. Such rivers as Heilongjiang, Songhuajiang and Ussuri crisscross with one antoher in the province. Benefiting from its unique geological location and plentiful tourism resources, Heilongjiang Province has become a well-known destination for more than 30 travel programs, including summer tour, ice and snow tour, transnational tour, border tour and hunting tour.


Central Street
Located in downtown Daoli District, the Central Street is known as the most distinctive avenue of historical and cultural significance and a major commercial street in Harbin. It stretches…

Harbin Ice-Snow World
The Harbin Ice-Snow World, established in the winter of 1999, brings a breakthrough to traditional ice and snow recreations. Ice and snow artworks have since said farewell to…

Ice Lantern Festival
This festival is held in Zhaolin Park in Harbin. Through cutting and chiseling, the ice from Songhua River will become ice potted landscape, buildings, caves, gullies…

Jingbo Lake Scenic Area
Located 97 kilometers south of urban Mudanjiang, the Jingbo Lake is known as the largest lava- blocked lake in China, as well as a state-level scenic resort. The lake is hidden…

St.Sofia Church
First built in March 1907, it is knownas the biggest Orthodox Church building in the Far East. Originally it served as a military church of Russia’s Fourth Eastern Siberian Infantry…

Sun Island Scenic Area
Situated on the north bank of the Songhuajiang River, it is a well-known tourist resort both at home and abroad. It was oriniginally built as a summer holiday village by…


Special snacks: Baixiangyuan meat cakes, meat pancakes produced by Xianghe Meat Pancake Restaurant, Luxin fried dumplings, big bread, Liu’s cakes, Bingpeng flavored pork hoofs, Fangyuan stuffed pancakes, Qiulin red sausages, Maomao steamed dumplings, Xuelong cakes, Wuchangpiaozi pancakes, and stewed pork heads produced by Hecheng Hotel in Qiqihar.
Long cuisine is a unique food genre in North China that ha slong been developed by smart and diligent Heilongjiang people in their daily lives. After generations of ingeritance and exploration, the cuisine has debeloped various dishes featuring distinctive flavors and green ingredients. The dishes involve many traditional cooking techniques. Long cuisine features rationaal collocation, rich nutrition, orthodox flavor, delicious taste and pleasant appearance, thus winning wide favor among customers.
Air-dried sausages: There are more than a dozen inds of sausages in North China, of which the air-dried sausage produced by the Harbin Zhengyanglou Meat Products Factory is the most famous. With a history of nearly 100 years, Zhengyanglou air-dried sausage boasts careful material selection and stat-of-art manufacturing process. Dried in natural air, it emits russet clusters like semitransparent agates. With a lasting flavor, it is suitable to be eaten with drinking or be served on important banquets.

Harbin Grand Restaurant
Add: 168 Shangzhi St., Harbin
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Huamei Western Restaurant
Add: 112 Cenral St., Harbin
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Jingxuan Barbecue
Add: Yong’an St., Qiqihar
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Jiulongtan Food City
Add: Entrance to Dongfeng New Village, Daqing
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Lufu Tower
Add: 228 Zhongshan Rd., Harbin
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Old Duichu
Add: 62 West Shisandao St., Harbin
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Sun & Moon Lake Food Center
Add: 127 East Dazhi St., Harbin
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Duo Dragons Business Hotel
Add: 173 Diduan St., Harbin
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Fortune Days Hotel
Add: 68 Ganshui Rd., Xiangfang Dist., Harbin
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Harbin Friendship Palace
Add: 263 Friendship Rd., Daoli District, Harbin
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Harbin Post Hotel
Add: 147 Youzheng St., Nangang Dist., Harbin
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Harbin Press Plaza
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Jingu Hotel
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Join Us Plaza
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Kunlun Hotel, Harbin
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Shangri-La Hotel, Harbin
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China Hezhen Museum
Add: Sanjiangkou, Tongjiang
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Harbin Museum of Architecture
Add: 88 Toulong St., Harbin
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Heilongjiang Ethnic Museum
Add: 25 Wenmiao St., Nangang Dist., Harbin
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Heilongjiang Museum
Add: 64 Hongjun St., Harbin
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Oroqen Village Ethnic Museum
Add: Alihe Town
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Central Shopping Mall
Add: 100 Central St., Harbin
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Churin Group Joint Stock Co., Ltd.
Add: 319 East Dazhi St., Harbin
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First Department Store
Add: 315 East Dazhi St., Harbin
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Grand Shopping Center
Add: 378 Gogol St., Harbin
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Plutocrat Gift Trading Company
Add: 254 Youyi Rd., Daoli Dist., Harbin
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Songlei Commercial Building
Add: 329 East Dazhi St., Harbin
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Travel Agencies

China Int’l Travel Service, Heilongjiang
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China Int’l Travel Service, Yichun
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China Youth Travel service, Heilongjiang
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Harbin Overseas Tourist Corporation
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Harbin Railway Int’l Travel Service Co. Ltd.
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Harbin Youth Int’l Travel Service
Add: 4 Stalin St., Daoli Dist., Harbin
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Heilongjiang Overseas Touirst Corportaion
Add: 11/F, Hushi Mansion, Nangang Dist., Harbin
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