Located in the central part by east of China on the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, Henan has a population of over 100 million. History has shown great concern for Henan, a vast and profound land full of vitality. During China’s history of 5,000 years, Henan served as a political, economic and cultural center for 3,000 years or so. Henan, richly endowed by nature, boasts many green moumtains and clear waters. It has too many scenic sights for one’s eyes to feast on, and its beautiful scenery is included in many traditional Chinese painting. Tourists will surely be intoxicated by the fascinating scenery in Henan.


Guanlin Temple
Situated in Guanlin Town in Longmen District, Luoyang City, it is a national AAAA tourism zone, and one of the three major temples to Guan Yu(?-200l, a renown…

Longmen Grottoes
Situated in Longmen Town, Luolong District, Luoyang , the Longmen Grottoes is a world culture heritage, a national AAAAA tourism zone, a national key historical mounment…

Shaolin Temple
The Shaolin Temple, tucked away in the woods of Shaoshi Mountain, is the main tourist attraction of the Songshan Mountain Scenic Area, and a key national AAAAA…

Yellow River Scenic Area
On the southern shore of the Yellow River in Zhengzhou, it is a national AAAA tourism zone, and a natural scenic zone, integrating sightseeing, leisure, holidays, popular scenic…

Yin Ruins
The Yin Ruins is a world culture heritage, and a key historical monument under state protection. More than 3,300 years ago, King…


Henan Province boasts abundant local products and a wide variety of delicacies. Tourists can taste all kinds of local snacks and have a sumptuous feast of Henan cuisine. Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan, is known as the city of delicacies, where the restaurants serving Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong and other schools of Chinese cuisine and Western restaurants can be found everywhere in the city.

GuoGuo Mutton Shop Restaurant
Add: 3 Nongye Rd., Jinshui Dist., Zhengzhou
Tel: 0086-371-65740678

Huifengyuan Stewed Noddles Restaurant
Add: Fu 2, 18 Jingqi Rd., Zhengzhou
Tel: 0086-371-63836928

Kaifeng No.1 Building (on jingqi Rd.)
Add: 31 Jingqi Rd., Zhengzhou
Tel: 0086-371-63830999

Kaifeng youyixin Restaurant
Add: 23 Gulou St., Kaifeng
Tel: 0086-378-2555188

Liji Stewed Mutton with Soy Sauce
Add: 51 Daxue Rd., Zhengzhou
Tel: 0086-371-68741428

The Xus Hunan Cuisine
Add: Middle Section of Guoguo Rd., Sanmenxia
Tel: 0086-398-2810790

Yangjiaoshan Culinary Culture Village
Add: Yellow River No.3 Dock, Shanzhou Scenic Zone, Sanmenxia
Tel: 0086-398-2892111


Ancai Hotel
Add: Middle Section of Zhongzhou Rd., Anyang
Tel: 0086-372-3936916

Dongfang Hotel
Add: 177 Minzhu M. Rd., Shangqiu
Tel: 0086-370-2998888

Jingfu Hotel
Add: Jinsui Building,1Daliang Rd., Kaifeng
Tel: 0086-378-3811888

Luoyang Dongshan Hotel
Add: Longmen Dongshan, Luoyang
Tel: 0086-379-64686000

Luoyang Junshan Hotel
Add: 3Junshan E. Rd., The Country town of Luanchuan, Luoyang
Tel: 0086-379-66810988

Sofitel International Hotel
Add: 289 Chengdong Rd., Zhengzhou
Tel: 0086-371-65950088

Yexian Country Yamen Museum
Tel: 0086-375-4935611

Yuda Palace Hotel
Add: 220 Zhongyuan Zhonglu, Zhengzhou
Tel: 0086-371-67438888

Zijinggong International Hotel
Add: Middle Section of Chang’an Rd., Lingbao City, Sanmenxia
Tel: 0086-398-8866888


Guo State Museum
Situated in the north of Sanmenxia City…

Jun Porcelain Museum
Tel: 0086-374-8188127

Kaifeng Museum
Add: 26 Yingbin Rd, Gulou, Kaifeng, Henan, China.
Tel: 0086-378-3933624

Luoyang Museum
Add: Nietai Rd, Luolong, Luoyang, Henan, China.
Tel: 0086-379-67833887


Henan Province is rich in local products. Jun porcelain of Yuzhou, jade wares of Nanyang, tricolored glazed pottery of the Tanf Dynasty, Tiantan inkstones and other special tourist commodities have been well received bu customers; and delicacies from land in Lushi County, Maojian Tea of Xianyang, four major traditional Chinese medicines and other local products are idea gift to be given to relatives and friends.

Dongfeng Department Store
Add: Eastern Section of Huanghe Rd., Hubin Dist., Sanmenxia.
Tel: 0086-398-2861780

Jiaozuo Department Store
Add: Jiefeng M. Rd., Luoyang.
Tel: 0086-391-2924701

Kaifeng Bian Embroidery Factory
Add: 88 Mujiaoqiao St., Kaifeng
Tel: 0086-378-5951780

Wangfujing Department store
Add: 429 Zhengzhou E. Rd., Luoyang.
Tel: 0086-379-63338888

Xinxiang Department
Add: 93 Pingyuan Rd., Xinxiang.
Tel: 0086-373-2823012

Yansha Shopping Plaza
Add: On the Southwestern corner at the crossing of Huaxia S. Rd and Huanghe Rd., Hebi
Tel: 0086-392-3322666

Zhengzhou Antique City
Add: 49 Jinhai Ave., Zhengzhou
Tel: 0086-371-68766633

Travel Agencies

Henan China International Travel Service
Add: Haitong Building, 50 Jingqi Rd., Zhengzhou
Tel: 0086-371-63927111

Henan China Travel Service, Jiaozuo Branch
Add: On the Western side of the 1st floor of the Jiaozuo People’s Auditorium.
Tel: 0086-391-2560888

Henan Tourist Group Co., Ltd.
Add: 288 Chengdong Rd., Zhengzhou
Tel: 0086-371-65961133

Kaifeng China Travel Service
Add: 89 Bianjing Rd., Kaifeng
Tel: 0086-378-5973555

Luoyang China International Travel Service
Add: 5/F of Tourism Building, Jindu W. Rd., Luoyang
Tel: 0086-379-64326808

Sanmenxia China Travel Service
Add:14 Eastern Section of Xiaoshan Rd., Sanmenxia
Tel: 0086-398-2824623