Hubei Province, known as E for short, is located in the center of China. On the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, it borders Henan, Jiangxi, Hunan, Anhui, Sichuan and Shaanxi Provinces. It covers an area of 190,000 square kilometers and has a population of 60.38 million. In Hubei, there are 42 ethnic groups suc as Tujia, Miao, Hui, Dong and Zhuang.

Hubei Province has many places of cultural and historic interests. It is known as the cradle of brilliant scholars and celevrities such as the ancestor Yandi(also known as Shen Nong), great poet Qu Yuan (340 B.C – 278 B.C), one of the four beauties Wang Zhaojun, physician and pharmacologist Li Shizhen(1518-1593), the late chairmen of China Dong Biwu(1886-1975) and Li Xiannian(1909-1992). All these ha scultivated Yandi Culture, Chu Culture, Taoist Culture and Red Culture. You will marve lat the historical sites and revolutionary bases in Hubei.


East Lake
Situated in the east suburbs of Wuchang, it is the largest lake in Wuhan. Its major spots are of rich cultural significance, including Tingtao (Listening to Surging Waves)…

The Three Kingdom’s Chi Bi(Red Cliff)
38 kilometers to the northwest of the city of Chibi. It is situated at Chibiji on the right banki of the Yangtze River. The spot includes a statue of Zhou Yu, an Exhibition Hall of the…

The Yellow Crane Tower
Once a military look out tower, the Yellow Crane Tower has been on this site (476 BC), although the current incarnation was built around the turn of the 20th Century. This is a famous Wuhan…

Wudang Mountain
Located in Danjiangkou and as a national scenic spot, it is one of the four famous Taoist mountains in China. It is famed all over the world for its enchanting scenery…


Hubei dishes, food and snacks are unique and of great varieties. All are welcomed by Chinse and Foreign tourists. Most dishes are cooked with aquatic products and feature in thick juice, salty, and pure taste. Hubei dishes pay great attention to their looks. The soup is unique, too.

Chu Lao Song Wuhan Harbor Restaurant
Add: No. 138 Yanjiang Road, Wuhan
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Family Dish
Add: No. 616 Minzhu Road, Wuhan
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Hubei Samwoo Restaurant
Add: No. 338 Zhongshan Road, Wuhan
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One Family Restaurant
Add: New station, Chongyang County, Xianning
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Red Shrimp City
Add: Guihua Road West, Xianning
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The Yus Bean Curd
Add: Central Food Market, Huanggang
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Wuhan Kang-Long-Tai-Zi Restaurant
Add: No 1 Tiyu Road, Hongshan Plaza, Wuhan
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Yahui Tea Restaurant
Add: Nanpu Road, Ezhou
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Yangtze Restaurant
Add: Huaxianzi Building, No.20 Nanpu Road, Ezhou
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East Lake Hotel
Add: No.231 Yaojialing, Wuhan
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Ezhou Yutaishan Hotel
Add: North Section of Jiangbin Road, Ezhou
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Hubei Nanyang Garden Hotel
Add: No.10 Minzhu Road, Huanggang
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Longtan Hotel
Add: No. 33 Longtan Road, Huanggang
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Ramada Plaza Tianlu Hotel
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Shangri-La Hotel
Add: No.700 Jianshe Road, Hankou, Wuhan
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Xianning Changyin Hotel
Add: Wenquan No.1 Bridge, Xianning
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Xianning Chongyang Yinhai Hotel
Add: Taoxi Road, Tiancheng Town, Xianning
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Hubei Provincial Museum
Take the time to enjoy this impressive museum. Artifacts dating back to the 5th century BC are on display offering an insight into the significant history that the area holds. Centrally located, enjoy the park like surroundings close to the Museum afterwards…


Futong Culture and Printing House
Add: No. 319 Wuchang Road, Ezhou
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Hanzheng Street Commodity Market
Add: Hanzheng Street, Wuhan
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Hong Kong Road Antique Street
Add: No. 209 Hong Kong Road, Wuhan
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Pedestrian Street, Jianghan Road
Add: Jianghan Road, Wuhan
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Yintai Department Store, Ezhou
Add: Special No.1 Nanpu Road, Ezhou
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Changjiang Overseas Tourism Co.
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