Jiangxi Province is located in the southeastern part of China, south of the Yangtze River on the middle-lower reaches. To its east are Zhejiang and Fujian provinces; to its south is Guangdong Province; to its west if Hunan Province and to its north are the provinces of Hubei and Anhui. dUnder the jurisdiction of Jiangxi Province are 11 cities (Nanchang, Jiujiang, Jingdezhen, Shangrao, Yingtan, Fuzhou, Ganzhou, Ji’an, Xinyu, Yi-chun and Pingxiang), with a total area of 166,900 square kilometers.


Immortals’ cave
The cave is found in a precipitous cliff in the West Valley of Guling Mountain. A fairytale tells that Lu Dongbin lived in this cave to cutivate himself into an immortal before he joined…

Jingdezhen is famour for its long history of porcelain production. Acclaimed as “capital of porcelain” in ancient China and the world, it occupies an important place in the history of…

Jinggang Mountain Scenic Area
The Jinggang Mountain Scenic Area, under the jurisdiction of Ji’an City, is the cradle of China’s revolution. In October 1927, Mao Zedong (1893 – 1976) and Zhu De (1886-1976), as well as other…

Longhu Mountain Scenic Area
Located in the southern suburb of Yingtan City, the Longhu mountain Scenic Area is the birthplace of Chinese Taoism and renowned as the Taoist Town of China. It is a combenation…

Lushan Mountain
Lushan Mountain is renowned for its natural scenery and ancient sites of cultural, educational, religious and political significance. In 1982 the State Council apporved the…

Red Tourism in Ruijin
Ruijin, a city at county level under the jurisdiction of Ganzhou City, is a world-famous red capital and a sacred place of the Chinese revolution. As the place where the Red Army…

Sandie(Three-Terrace) Waterfall
The Sandie Waterfall is acclaimed the “most marvelous sight” and the “best waterfall” in Lushan Mountain. Located on the eastern side of Lushan Mountain the waterfall is fed with…

Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area
Located in northeast Jiangxi Province, the Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area is a national AAAA tourist attraction. It is renowned for sloping steeply in the east, being wonderful in…

Located in northeast Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan lies 150km from Quzhou of Zhejiang Province in the east and Shangrao in the south, 80 km from Jingdezhen in the west and…


Dubi Taoyuan Restaurant
Add: 16 Shiquancun, Beijing E. Rd., Nanchang
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Yipin Jiangnan Restaurant
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Ganjiang Hotel
Add: 138 Bayi Rd., Nanchang
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Jiangxi Hotel
Add: 368 Bayi Rd., Nanchang
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Jinfeng Hotel
Add: 281 Zhanqian W. Rd., Nanchang
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Kaimenzi Hotel
Add: 1055 Cidu Rd., Jingdezhen
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Lushan Hotel
Add: 446 Hexi Rd., Lushan
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Yingtan Hotel
Add: 9 Linyin Rd., Yingtan
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Jilin University Museum
Add: 6 W. Minzhu St., Changchun
Tel: 0086-431-8502245

Jinggang Mountain Revolution Museum
The Jinggang Mountain Revolution Museum, located at Hongjun South Road of Ciping, was first built in 1958 for…

Museums of Porcelain
This is the oldest special exhibition hall of porcelain wares in China. The more than 18,000 rare pieces of porcelain made…


Hongkelong Department Store
Add: 358 Bayi Rd., Nanchang
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Jiangxi Provincial Cultural Relics Store
Add: 349 Minde Rd., Nanchang
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Jingdezhen Cultural Relics Store
Add: 84 Lianshe N. Rd., Jingdezhen
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Nanchang Parkson Department Store
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Travel Agencies

China Travel Service
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Jiangxi Guangdian Travel agency
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Jingdezhen China Travel service
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Lushan Jinqiao Travel Agency
Add: Inside Nanhu Zhilu Forest Public Security Bureau, Jiujiang
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Shandong China Youth Travel Service
Add: 2-1 Yingxiongshan Rd., Jinan
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