Jilin province, covering 187,400 square kilometers, is home to 27 million people of multiple ethnic group, with its capital seated in Changchun City.

Jilin Province is abundant in tourist resource. Presently, it has four national outstanding tourist cities( Changchun, Jilin, Jiaohe, and Ji’an) and 52 tourist zones(spots) at and above class-A, including six national AAAA tourist zones, 33 nature reserves, four state-class scenic resort, 141 cultural units under provincial or national protection, 26 national forest parks, and five provincial-level tourist and holiday resort. A total of 176 star-rated hotels and 237 international and domestic travel agencies ensure complete tourist services. With favorable transportation and communication conditions, a sound tourist service system involving all the six major elements (food, accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, shopping and recreation) has formed, offering feature tourist routes with Changbai Mountain as the leading attraction.


A Fairyland of Ice and Snow and Skiing Resort
Thanks to the long period of snow, fine quality of snow, and proper temperate, Jilin has establoshed many sking resorts…

Changbai Mountain
Changbai Mountain is the most typical natural composite body in northern Eurasia Continent. The state-class Changbai Mountain…

Changchun Film Studio’s Century City
Located in Changchun Jingyuetan Tourist and Economic Development Zone and conceived by a world top-notch design…

Songhua Lake scenic Zone
Songhua Lake, about 14kilometers from urban districts of Jilin, is a state-class scenic zone. Tourist can visit the Fengman Hydropower…


Songhua Lake Fish Banquet: Selecting genuine live fish from Songhua Lake and adopting traditional culinary techniques, the banquet includes dozens of delicious fish dishes. It is a must for entertaining the guests at the Jilin Kaijiang Fish Delicious Festival held every April.
Ginseng Maotai Chicken: Maotai wine is used as one of the major seasoning in this dish, in an attempt to get rid of the sort of bitter flavor of ginseng and add aroma to the chicken. One of the famous dishes of Baishan City, it is considered restorative and good to health.
Soup of Three Treasures of Deer: The soup’s main ingredients are the antler, tendon, penis, and venison of the spotted deer inhabiting Changbai Mountain.
Monkey-head mushroom: A nutritious and precious local product of Changbai Mountain, the mushroom can be cooked in many ways.

Golden Phoenix Eco-Garden
Add: 1881 Fuzhi Rd., Jingyuetan, Changchun
Tel: 0086-431-4525388

Golden Pool Restaurant
Add: 6669 Jingyue St., Changchun
Tel: 0086-4547777

Hande Yanba Steamed Dumplings
Add: East of Land Bureau, Shuangyang St., Shuangyang District, Changchun
Tel: 0086-4314237666

Li Liangui Flavors Restaurant
Add: 1 Gongyuan Beijie,Tiexi district, Siping
Tel: 0086-4343224140

Yanji Jindalai Restaurant
Add: 388 hailan Rd., Yanji
Tel: 0086-04332511740


Changchun Noble Hotel
Add: 4501 people’s St., Changchun
Tel: 0086-4315622888

Changchun Yangminghu Spa Hotel
Add: 8777 North Ring Rd., Changchun
Tel: 0086-431-5879999

Communications Hotel
Add: 84 Jiefang Rd., Changchun
Tel: 0086-431-5630009

Crystal Hotel
Add: 29 Longtan St., Jilin
Tel: 0086-432-3986200

Epoch Hotel
Add: 15 Beijing St., Changchun
Tel: 0086-4312091999

Jiping Hotel
Add: 1101 South Xinhua St., Siping
Tel: 0086-434-3249166

Petroleum Building
Add: 1200 Guoerlusi Rd., Songyuan
Tel: 0086-438-6221068

Shangri-La Hotel Changchun
Add: 9 Xi’an Rd.,Changchun
Tel: 86-431-8981818

Tianyi Hotel
Add: 449 Xisantiao St., Kuancheng District, Changchun
Tel: 0086-2784888

Yanji Hotel
Add: 50 Yanbin Rd., Yanji
Tel: 0086-433-2913608


Changhan Lake Museum
Add: Changhan Lake Tourist zone
Tel: 0086-438-2990188

Fuyu County Museum
Add: F/3 Culture and Art blog., S. Changchun St., Ningjiang District
Tel: 0086-438-3123451

Guorlusi Museum
Add: F/5 Libuary Bldg., Ethnic Stadium
Tel: 0086-438-6183526

Museum of the Imperial Palace of Puppet Manchukuo
Constructed on the site of imperial palace of the puppet Manchukuo at No.5 on North Guangfu Rd. …


Local and Special Products
Changbai Mountain boasts a wide variety of special products. In addition to medicinal herbs, there are also wild vegetables, such as bush vetch and common brake; fungus, such as buck mushroom and abalone mushroom; nuts, such as walnut, hazelnut, and pine nut; and fruit, such as cowberry, woodbine, kiwi fruit, sorbus, strawberry, and amur grape.
Jinlin’s color-painted wood carving: Hand-carved on fine brich wood and mainly devoted to birds and animals, the craftworks are of high collection and aesthetic value and enjoy great popularity worldwide.

Antiques Shop of the Imperial Palace of Puppet Manchukuo
Add: 5 North Guangfu Rd., Changchun
Tel: 0086-431-2844150

Hualin Ginseng and Antler Shop
Add: 61 Yinzuo Building, Changjianglu Pedestrain St., Changchun
Tel: 0086-431-2731328

Longtanshan Deer Industry Co., Ltd.
Add: 7 Luchang St., Longtan District, Jilin
Tel: 0086-432-4661411

Old Ginseng Hall Products Co., Ltd. Building
Add: 4159, West Binjiang Rd., Tonghua
Tel: 0086-435-3433555

Oriental Bear Paradise
Add: 2 Xinhua St., Yanji
Tel: 0086-433-2518883

Travel Agencies

Changbaishan Int’l Holiday Travel Service
Add: 168 Hunjiang St., Baishan
Tel: 0086-439-3290777

CITS, Jilin City
Add: 2288 Chongqing Rd., Jilin
Tel: 0086-432-2444096

CITS, Tonghua City
Add: 533 Dongchang Rd., Tonghua
Tel: 0086-435-3217052

Ji’an Int’l Travel Service
Add: 85-1 South Liming St., Ji’an
Tel: 0086-435-6217363

Jilin Overseas Tourist Crop
Add: 14 Xinmin St., Changchun
Tel: 0086-431-6909120