Lying in the southern part of Northeast China and within Northeast Aisa’s Bohai-Rim Economic Circle, Liaoning Province has a temperate continental climate, with an annual average temperature at 16 degrees Celcius. It is coldest in January and hottest in July. Compared to inland cities, the coastal areas have a mild temperature change. Here, spring spans from March to May, summer from June to August, autumn in September and October, and winter from November through Feburary. The province’s best season for travel ranges from May to October, and January and Feburary ar the opimal time for experiencing ice and snow delight and traditional festivals.


Dalian, located in the southmost of Liaodong Peninsula, is an important harbor, and an important industrial and tourism city in north China. It is known as “the City of Scholartree in…

Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park
Covering an area of 1.18 million square meters along a 4,000m-long coastline in southern Dalian City, the park features an eachanting blending of mountain and sea views and ofers…

Lushun Port
Situated onthe southernmost of the Liandong Peninsula, it is 30 kilometers away from Dalian and faces the Shandong Peninsula on the opposite side of the sea. Located on the throat…

In the south of Northeast China, Shenyang is a political and cultural center tof Northeast China, famous historical and cultural city of CHina and will-known tourist city…

Shenyang Imperial Palace
First built in 1625 for Emperor Nurhachi and his son Huang Taiji of the Qing Dynasty, the Shenyang Imperial Palace is one of the two royal architectural complexes extant in China…


Double Sea Snails of Marshal’s Mansion
Add: Fuxiang Restaurant, Panjin
Tel: +86-427-2815460

Dragons with Crane
Add: Jindu Hotel, Yingkou
Tel: +86-417-7698888

Durian Pastries
Add: Dalian Zhongxia Hotel
Tel: +86-411-2492730

Eight Royal Treasures
Add: Tianhe Hotel, Anshan
Tel: +86-412-2241788

Laobian Dumpling Banquet
Add: Laobian Dumpling Restaurant, Shenyang
Tel: +86-24-24865349

Pumpkin and Shark’a Fin Bowl
Add: Dalian Liangyun Hotel
Tel: +86-411-2589188

Supreme Shark’s Fin with Crab Roe Soup
Add: Dalian Tiantian Fishing Port
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Furama Hotel Dalian
Add: 60 Renmin Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Dalian
Tel: +86-411-82630888

Intercontinental Shenyang
Add: 208 N. Nanjing St. Heping Dist., Shenyang
Tel: +86-24-23341999

Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian
Add: 66 Renmin Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Dalian
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Shenyang Sunrise International Hotel
Add: 10 Chang’an Rd., Dadong Dist., Shenyang
Tel: +86-24-24359999

Swissotel Hotel
Add: 21 Wuhui Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Dalian
Tel: +86-411-82303388


Dalian Natural History Museum
Dalian Natural History Museum is one of the four biggest natural history museums in China. It was built in 1907…

Liaoning Provincial Museum
Add: 26 Shiwei Rd., Heping Dist., Shenyang
Tel: +86-24-22822525

Lushun Museum Center
Lushun Museum Center is composed of Lushun museum, garden, zoo, and snake museum, friendship tower…

Memorial Hall of Lei Feng
Add: 61 Dongduan, Heping Dist., Lushun
Tel: +86-413-6658806

Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum
Add: 171 Shenyang Rd., Shenhe Dist., Shenyang
Tel: +86-24-24842082

Shenyang Museum of Marshal Zhang’s Mansion
Add: 46 Shaoshuaifu, Chaoyang St., Shenhe Dist., Shenyang
Tel: +86-24-24842454

Shenyang Xinle Site Museum
Add: North of Huanggu Dist., Shenyang
Tel: +86-24-86130755

Shenyang “9.18” Incident Historical Museum
Add: 46 South Wanghua Zone, Dadong Dist., Shenyang
Tel: +86-24-88320918


Anshan Xiuyan Jade Carving Plant
Tel: +86-412-7830149

Chaoyang Taisheng Gallery
Tel: +86-421-2730435

Dalian Shengdao Glass Product Co. Ltd.
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Shenyang Coin Factory
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Shenyang Marriott Hotel
Add: 388 Youth St., Heping Dist., Shenyang
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Shenyang Tianlang Craftwork Plant
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Travel Agencies

China Travel Service, Shenyang
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CYTS Liaoning Province
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