Qinghai Province, called Qing for short, was named after Qinghai Lake, the largest inland salt water lake in china. Qinghai is situated in the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in Northwest China, The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is mainly composed of Qinghai Province and The Tibet Autonomous Region. Qinghai covers an area of 721,200 sq km, ranking forthin the country, only next to Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia. A vast espanse of Qinghai has nurtured numerous picturesque natural scenic spots and broad and profound history and culture. Now Qinghai enjoys a high reputation in the world as a scenic province.


Kumbum Monastery
The Kumbum Monastery is located in Lusha’er Town, Huangzhong County, 25kilometers from downtown Xining. It is a national AAAA tourist attration. Constructionof the temple started in…

Qinghai Lake Scenic Zone
The Qinghai Lake Scenic Zone is a national AAAA scenic zone, a natioal scenic zone and historic interest zone and a national nature reserve…


Enraton Internation Restaurant
Add: 59 Dongguan Street
Tel: 0086- 971- 8122666

Jiaxinbojin Restaurant
Add: 41 Wusi W. Road, Xining
Tel: 0086-971-6307666

Kaiyuan Restaurant
Add: Jinhui Road, Xining
Tel: 0086-971-8817999

Qinghai Huitong Jiangguo Restaurant
Add: 1 Qiyi Road, Xining
Tel: 0086-971-8160789

Shalihai Gourmet Restaurant
Add: 491 Qiyi road, Xining
Tel: 0086-971-8215426

Sujinima Restaurant
Add: 1 Huanghe Road, Xining
Tel: 0086-971-6102288


Beifu Grand Hotel
Add: 40 Wusi Street, Xining
Tel: +86-971-6155666

Holiday Dynasty Hotel
Add: 48 Wusi W.Road, Xining
Tel: +86-971-6365568

Jianyin Hotel
Add: 55 West Street, Xining
Tel: +86-971-8261886

Mingzhu Hotel
Add: 7 Huzhu W. Road, Xining
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Qinghai Hotel
Add: 158 Huanghe Road, Xining
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Xiadu Hotel
Add: 154 Huanghe Road, Xining
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Xining Hotel
Add: 348 Qiyi Road, Xining
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Xining Mansion
Add: 61 Jianguo Road, Xining
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Yinlong Hotel
Add: 38 Huanghe Road, Qinghai
Tel: +86-971-6166666

Zhongfayuan Hotel
Add: 1 Shulinxiang Alley, Chengdong District, Xining
Tel: +86-971-7111888


Qinghai Province Museum
The Qinghai Province Museum at the Xining Square in Chengxi District, xining, is a national AAAA tourist attraction. The museum covers an area of 22,800 square meters. It has nine exhibition halls with a total…

Tibetan Medicine Museum of China
The Tibetan Medicine Museum of China is located at 36 Jing’erlu Road in the Bioscience Park, Xining. It is a national AAAA tourist attraction, the first Tibetan medicine museum in the world and the only museum…


Baoguang Qingzang Accessories Store
Add: 138 Nanguan Street, Xining
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Carpet World
Add: 58 Bayi Road, Xining
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Dashizi Department Shopping Mall
Add: 53 Dongguan Street, Xining
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Dashizi Shopping Mall
Add: 38 Dongda Street, Xining
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Qingbai Supermarket
Add: 37 Wusi Street Xining
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Wangfujing Supermarket
Add: 40 Xida Street, Xining
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Yushengkun Store
Add: 50 Nanguan Street, Xining
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Travel Agencies

Qinghai CITS
Add: 14th floor, Block B of Yonghe Building, 49 Xiguan Street, Xining
Tel: 0086- 971-6128821

Qinghai Fengqing Travel Service
Add: 190 Qilian Road, Xining
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Qinghai Huanghe Wenhua Travel Service
Add: 128 Changjiang Road, Xining
Tel: 0086-971-8588153

Qinghai Lake Niaodao Travel Service
Add: Niaodao Village, Gangcha County, Qinghai
Tel: 0086-971-8652008

Qinghai Nationality Travel Service
Add: 1 Huayuan North Street, Xining
Tel: 0086-971-8225766

Qinghai Xihai International Travel Service
Add: 19 South Street, Chengzhong District, Xining
Tel: 0086-971-8251-258

Qinghao Huaqiao Travel Service
Add: 30 North Street, Xining
Tel: 0086-971-8251050