Shandong Province, known as Lu for short, is o nthe lower reaches of the Yellow River, and faces the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea in the east. It covers an area of more than 150,000 square kilometers and has a population of over 90 million.

Shandong enjoys a reputation of being the hometown of Confucius and Mencious, and the land of ceremony and propriety. In Chinese history, Shangdong has given brith to a large number of historical and cultural celebrities, such as Confucius, Sun Wu, Mencius and Mo-tse. Thanks to its rich resources, Shandong’s economy is developing rapidly and its opening-up is becoming more active day by day.


Located in the eastern part of Huiquan Bay, Qingdao, Badaguan is a famous villa area and tourist resort. By the roads and among the trees and flowers stand over 200 villas…

Mt. Taishan
Located in the central part of Shandong Province, Mt. Taishan covers an area of 426 square kilometers, its main peak being over 1,500 meters above sea level. Mt. Taishan…

By the Yellow River, Laoshan Mountain is 30 km from the city proper of Qingdao. A national AAAA scenic zone, and a famous coastal Taoist site, it is known as the “No.2 monastery…

Penglai Pavilion
Standing on Danya Mountain by the sea in the north of Penglai City, Penglai Pavilion is a national AAAAA scenic area, and a key cultural relic under state protection. It is one of…

Situated at the southern end of the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is an important economic central city and harbor city in the eastern coastal areas, a famous historical and cultural…

Qufu-the Hometown of Confucius
Situated in the north of Jining City, Qufu is adjacent to Tai’an in the north, and to Zoucheng, the hometown of Mencius, in the south. Since ancient times, Qufu has had…

The Pier
Located at the southern end of Qingdao, the pier stretches to the sea from Zhongshan Road, a bustling shopping street. First built in 1892, it is 440 m long and eight m wide…

Located at the eastern end of the Shandong Peninsula, Weihai is surrounded by water on three sides, and faces the Korean Peninsula across the sea, being the closest spot to the…


Shandong Cuisine is one of the eight major styles of Chinese cuisine, as well as the foundation and representative of the cuisine of North China. Local chef;s in Shandong are good at preparing delicious dishes by stir-frying, boiling, frying, braising and other cooking techniques, which feature overall excellence in color, smell, taste and shape. Jinan Cuisine, Jiaodong Cuisine, and Kong Family Cuisine are three major branches of Shandong Cuisine, each having its own unique characteristics. JinanCuisine is represented by a number of dishes, such as Pucai in Milky Soup, Sweet and Sour Carp from Daming Lake, Stir-fried Kidneys, etc. The representative dishes of Jiao dong Cuisine include Steamed Red Snapper with Clear Soup, Tianjing Sea Cucumbers and Quick-fried Conches. Kong Family Cuisine is represented by “Going to Court with a Son” (a duck with a baby duck), and Immortal Duck.

Caobao Steamed Stuffed Bun Eatery
Add: 15 Puli St., Jinan
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Chunhelou Restaurant
Add: 146 Zhongshan Rd.
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Jufengde Restaurant
Add: 11 Jingwu Rd., Jinan
Tel: +0086-0531-86162888

Jufulou Restaurant
Add: Cuijiatan, West of Zhangjialou Town
Tel: +86532-84155233

Liangyou Jindu Delicacy City
Add: 3/F, Jindu Garden, 37 W. Donghai Rd.
Tel: +86532-85782226

Penglaichun Restaurant
Add: 13 Yuhuangding West Rd., Zhifu District, Yantai
Tel: +0086-0535-6256-561

Qingdao Restaurant
Add: 17 Macao 3rd Rd., South District, Qingdao
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State Banquet Kitchen
Add: 18 Ninghai Rd.
Tel: +86532-83809888

Taishan Hotel
Add: 26 Hongmen Road, Tai’an
Tel: +0086-0538-8224-678


Shandong’s hospitality industry has made rapid progress in recent years. Its development has not only satisfied with the demands of domestic and foreign tourists, but also greatly promoted the progress of Shandong’s tourism. No matter at the foot of Mt. Taishan, or along the golden coastal line, or at the hometowns of Confucius and Mencius, tourists can find hotels of different classes. All of them provide high-quality service and reasonable prices.

Crowne Plaza Guihe Jinan
Add: 3 Tianditan St., Jinan
Tel: +0086-0531-8602-9999

Jincheng Hot Spring Hotel
Add: 212 Wenquan Rd., Zhaoyuan
Tel: +0086-0535-8111-888

Laizhou Commerce Hotel
Add: 478 Culture West Road., Laizhou
Tel: +0086-0535-221-3988

Minghu Hotel
Add: 398 Beiyuan Rd., Jinan
Tel: +0086-0531-8595-6688

Qilu Hotel
Add: 8 Qianfoshan Rd., Jinan
Tel: +0086-0531-8693-8888

Shangri-La Hotel
Add: 9 Hongkong Middle Road, Qingdao
Tel: +0086-0532-8388-3838

Sofitel Silver Plaza
Add: 66 Luoyuan St., Jinan
Tel: +0086-0531-8606-8888

Yuquan Simpson Hotel
Add: 68 Luoyuan St., Jinan
Tel: +0086-0531-8693-8888


Tsingdao Beer Museum
Situated in the Tsingtao Beer Factory in Dengzhou Road, Qingdao, it is a special tourist destination integrating the production of beer, sightseeing, catering service, leisure and…


* Jinan- Lotus roots from Daming Lake, pucai vegetable, carps from the Yellow River, Zhangqiu green Ghinese onions, Mingshui fragrant rice, donkey-hide geletin, Pingyin roses, Muyu stones and Jinan dough modeling.
* Tai’an- Yanzi stones, red glossy ganaderma, the tuber of multiflower knotweed, Feicheng peaches, gorgon fruit, furnishings with landscapes of Mt. Tai, Mt. Tai arts and crafts for offering sacrifices to the gods, and Dawenkou cultural color pottery.
* Jining- Rubbings from stone inscriptions, Kai woodcarvings, Nishan ink slabs, four-nose carps, mandarin fish and Lu brocade.
* Qingdao- Qingdao beer, Laoshan mineral spring water, shell mosaic, Laoshan green tea, bamboo leave tea, Laoshan green stones, and grapes from Daze Mountain.
* Yantai- Zhangyu wine, Polaris-brand clocks and wristwatches, Longkou vermicelli made from bean starch, Yantai apples, Laiyang pears, paper-cuts for window decoration, straw-plaited products, Dali stone carvings, Laizhou writing brushes, tea set inlaid with gold or tin, and Tuoji sotne potted landscapes.
* Weihai- Large peanuts, Weihai apples and Golden Monkey-brand leather products.
* Rizhao- Jingdong pickes, Rizhao liquor, screens and hanging fans of Juxian
* Weifang- Kites of Weifang, woodcut New Year pictures of Yangjiabu, Niejiazhuang clay sculptures, and padauk containers inlaid with silver threads.
* Zibo- Zibo pottery and porcelain ware, Boshan glassware, Zhou Village silk, and coper musical instruments of Zhou Village.
* Liaocheng- Crisp jujubes, fermented bean curd for the capital, and handicraft leather belts.

Hualian Department Store
Add: 6 Bixian Rd., Qingdao
Tel: +0086-0532-8286-9999

MIXC Shopping Mall
Add: No.6 Shandong Road, Shinan District, Qingdao 266000, China
Tel: +0086-0532-6862-1177

Hisense Plaza (Hisense Plaza)
Add: DongHaiXiLu 50Hao HaiXinGuangChang Jin Ao Fan ZhongXin, Qingdao, China
Tel: +0086-0532-6678-8888

Parc 66
Add: No.188 Quancheng Road, Lixia District, Jinan, China
Tel: +0086-0531-5563-8888

Joy City
Add: Bei Road, Zhifu District, Yantai, China

Wanda Plaza
Add: JingSiLu 5Hao Jin RenMinShangChang, Jinan, China
Tel: +0086-0531-6760-9688

Qingdao Huiquan Plaza
Add: Wendeng Road, Shinan District, Qingdao 266003, China

Sunshine Department Store
Add: XiangGang ZhongLu 38Hao Jin NanJingLu, Qingdao
Tel: +0086-0532-8667-7166

Travel Agencies

COSCO Int’l Travel Service Qingdao
Add: 2/F, Victoria Hotel, 78 HongKong Middle Rd., Qingdao
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Shandong China International Travel Service
Add: 30-1 Jiefang Rd., Jinan
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Shandong China Travel Service
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