The province of Shanxi, situated on the Loess Plateau in the middle reaches of the Yellow River in northern China, borders Hebei Province in the east and Shaanxi Province in the west and is connected to Henan Province in the south and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the north. Under the jurisdiction of the Jin State during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 B.C.), the province is also called Jin for short.

Shanxi is a place that boasts the most splendid Buddhist traditions in China. THe province’s Wutai Mountain is known as one of the Four Most Famous Buddhist Mountains in China. Shanxi is also the birthplace of banking in China, evidenced by many famous residential compounds of Shanxi merchant families (influding Wang’s, Qiao’s, Qu’s, Cao’s, and Chang’s) and the Rishengchang Bank. As the ancestral home of the Chinese nation, Shanxi is where many Chinese surnames originated, and their descendants have spread around the country and even the world. It is also home to countless celebrities. Almost every nounty in Shanxi has its own folk music and dances. THerefore, Shanxi has been reputed as the Museum of Ancient Chinese Architecture, the Home of Banking in China, the Birthplace of Traditional Chinese Operas, the Ocean of Folk Songs, and the Home of Folk Dances.


Ancient City of Pingyao
Pingyao, an ancient city, is located to the southwest of Taiyuan in central Shanxi. Known for its history and culture, it ws added to the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1997…

Lingkong Mountain Scenic Area
The Lingkong Mountain, also know as the Jiuding Mountain, is 30km northwest of Qinyuan County. Looked at from afar, the mountain is covered by pine trees and surrounded by steep…

Wutai Mountain
Situated in the northeast of Wutai County of Xinzhou City, the WutaiMountain, one of China’s natural and cultural heritage sites, is a national scenic and historic interest area…

Yungang Grottoes
The grand Yungang Grottoes are located at the south cliff of the Wuzhou Mountain in the western suburbs of Datong City. Originally built in the northern Wei Dynasty (386-534), they…


Sliced noodles:
Also called Noddles Sliced with Flying Knife due to fantastic cutting technique involved in making process. When skilful cooks cut the noodles, “one falls into the pot, while one files in the air and one is just sliced, and every piece of noodle jumps like fish in the pot.” the cooked noodles are soft in the inner and chewy in the outer, and digest easily.

Pingyao Beef:
As a traditional local product of Pingyao County, Pingyao Beef became famouse in the Ming Dynasty, and prevailed at the banqusts from the late Qing Dynasty through the early period of the Republic of China .Featuring superb producing techniques, it boasts rosy color, tender texture, strong fragrance, pleasant taste and convenience in storage. The older is the beef cattle, the tastier is its meat.

Duyichu Steamed Dumpling:
Steamed Dumpling is a traditional snock of southern Shanxi. With a shape of guava, it features bright-white color, abundant stuffing, thin wrapper and pleasing taste. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty spoke highly of the snack, and awarded a plaque with his inscriptions of “Duyichu” to the Fushan Steamed Dumpling Restaurant. From that day on, the restaurant has won fame far and near.

Daqinghua Dumping
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Huixianlou Restaurant
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Jinyang Restaurant
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Older Datong Restaurant
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Taiyuan Wheaten Food Restaurant
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Wanbolinqu Pan’s Steamed Dumpling
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Datong Hotel
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Eden International Hotel
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Jincheng Jinnian Hotel
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Mt. Wutai Yinhai Mountain Villa
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Shanxi Hotel
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Shanxi World Trade Center Hotel
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Shanxi Yingze Hotel
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Cao Family Grand Courtyard-Sanduotang Museum
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Shanxi Museum
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Datong Department Store
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Hualin Commercial Plaza
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Lianyang Department Store
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Shanxi Chengyijiu Travel Souvenir Exhibition Center
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Shanxi Cultural Relics Head Store
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Wuyi Department Store
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Yungang Plaza
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