Tianjin, called “Jin” in short, lies in the northeast of the North China Plain, It is 120 km norwest of Beijing and borders the Bohai Sea in the east. This municipality directly under the Central governmnet covers an area of over 12,000 sq km and has a population of 9.64 million.

The historical changes in the past 600 years have made Tianjin a unique city with a mixture of the ancient and the modern in both Chinese and Western styles. The city has developed a tourist pattern with its downtown area playing the leading role, which is supported by Tanggy and Jixian County. In its downtown area, there are the Water Amusement Park, Heavenly Queen Palace, Dabei Buddhist Temple and Grand Mosque; and on its outskirts there are Panshan Mountain, Dule Temple and White Pagoda. Tianjin is regarded as a bright pearl on the Beijing-Tianjin golden itinerary.


Ancient Cultural Street and Heavenly Queen Palace
Located at Sanchakou, Tianjin, the Ancient Cultural Street is the birthplace of Tianjin and is now a national AAAAA scenic zone, integrating and…

Dagu Fort
The ruins of Dagukou Forts are on the southern and northern banks of the haihe River by its outlet to the sea. The three existing forts are named Wei…

Five-road Scenic Area
The five roads refer to Machang, Munan, Dali, Chingqing and Chengdu roads. Along the five roads stand some 2,000 garden-like buildings of different styles of various countries…

Memorial Hall of Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao
The Memorial Hall was opened to the public on the eve of the 100th birthday of Zhou Enlai on February 28, 1998. It is composed of the Preface Hall, Biography hall…

Panshan Mountain Scenic Area
About 12 km northwest of jixian County, Panshan Mountains is known as the No.1 Mountain East of Beijing, being a national AAAAA tourism zone. It is famous for its…

Shi Family Courtyard
In the ancient town of Yangliuqing, the Shi Family Courtyard was first built in 1875, showing the characteristics of the complex of residential houses of the late Qing Dynasty…

Tianta Lake Scenic Area
The Tianjin Radio and TV Tower (Tianta Tower in short) is the main architectural structure in the Tianta Lake Scenic Area and the only tower on water in the world, integrating…


Hongqishun Restaurant
Add: 668 Dagu S.Rd., Tianjin
Tel: 0086-22-28328028

Kiessling Restaurant
Add: 33 Zhejiang Rd., Tianjin
Tel: 0086-22-23321603

Tianjin Goubuli Steamed Stuff Bun Head Office
Add: 77 Shangdong Rd., Tianjin
Tel: 0086-22-27302540


Crystal Palace Hotel Tianjin
Add: 28 Youyi Rd., Tianjin
Tel: 0086­-22-­28356666

Holiday Inn Binhai Tianjin
Add: 86 1st St., Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone
Tel: 0086-­22­-6628338

Mei Du Hotel
Add: 117 Weididao St., Tianjin
Tel: 0086-­22­-28361818

Sheraton Tianjin Hotel
Add: Zijinshan Rd., Tianjin
Tel: 0086-­22-­23343388

Teda International Hotel & Club
Add: 7 Fukang Rd., Tianjin
Tel: 0086-­22-­23005555

Tianjin Golden Crown Hotel
Add: 18 Nanjing Rd., Tianjin
Tel: 0086-­22-­23038866


Museum of History of Tianjin
Formerly the Tianjin Museum, the present Museum of history Tianjin boasts more than 100000 items of collection, many of which are rare treasures handed down from one dynasty th the next…

Museum of the Huangya Pass on the Great wall
The first Great wall Museum, the Huangya Pass, ans important pass through the Great Wall, was first constructed in A.D.556, the 7th year of the Tianbao reign of Emperor Wenxuan of the northern Qi Dynasty…


Darentang Drugstore
The Darentang Drugstore is one of the renowned time-honored brands in Tianjin. It was originally a branch of Yuejialaopu, which itself was derived from the Tongrentang. Thus, its experiences of…

Laomeihua Shoe Shop
The Laomeihua Shoe Shop, founede in 1911, is known as a famous time-honored brand of China. It mainly offers shoes for the middle-aged and elderly. The designs of these shoes are diversified and include saddle shoes…

Shengxifu Hattery
This is a time-honored hat shop and offers many differnt kinds of headgear. The Shengxifu Hattery, which has been running for about 100 years, puts a high premium on the quality and development of new products…

Quanyechang Department Store
The Quanyechang Department Store, located where Binjiang Road and Heping road meet, is a famous time-honored store that has been run for over 70 years. The department store is a large gerneral merchandise…

Travel Agencies

Tianjin China International Travel Service
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Tianjin China Travel Service
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Tianjin China Youth Travel Service
Add: New Culture Garden, Rongye St., Tianjin
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Tianjin Zhongmao International Travel Service
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