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Gansu is a paradise for spiritual growth. In the shape of a strip, Gansu has a natural advantage of self-driving tour. The self-driving tour along the I, 600km long Silk Road is great fun for artists and self-driving lovers. You can challenge and conquer yourself in the 4-day hiking on the Gobi desert following Xuanzang, a great Buddhist monk in the Tang Dynasty. You can also set yourself free by taking the paraglider or hot air balloon at Jiayuguan Pass — one of the top three paragliding bases in the world. You can perform a cliff “ballet” together with skillful rock climbers on the steep cliffs of Zheyang Mountain at Zhang County — a natural base ofrock climbing in China . You can enjoy rafting on the Jialing River on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River . You can also take part in the Lanzhou marathon along the Yellow River, an unforgettable life-time experience.