Lying in the Tangyue Village of Fujie Township, Shexian County, the Tangyue Archway Group is a key historical monument under state protection. There are seven memorial archways winding their various ways into a group, both simple and elegant. They are arranged in order of loyalty, filial peity, moral integrity and justice, with the last in the middle. Around the ancient memorial archways are the ancestral temples, old residential houses and ancient pabilions. The ancient architectural structures, coupled with the beauty of the countryside, have made this site a popular location for filming movies and television dramas.

Located close to the Tangyue Archway Group, the Bao Family Garden is a traditional Chinese private garden combining the typical ancient Huizhou-style with a potted landscape unique also to Huizhou. Known as the Mother of the Oriental Potted Landscape, the Garden has been formally applied for inclusion on the list of World Intangible Cultural Heritage Sites, as well as the Guinness Book of World Records. The Garden covers an area of 24 hectares and houses nearly 10,000 potted landscapes. The latter incorporates the finest examples of potted landscapes of different schools both at home and abroad, and abounds in rare plants from far and near. The Garden, with all its unique features, is the largest and most beautiful aristocratic manor of the Huizhou merchants.