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Hui cuisine is the major representative of Anhui Cuisine, known for the exquisite skill of cooking the delicacies of all kinds. It features the common usage of ham to diversify taste and crystal sugar to increase freshness, apt at roasting and pot-roast, with heat control being attached with importance. Famous dishes include Braised Fish Head and Tails, Fish Tails in Brown Sauce and Salted Mandarin Fish. Furthermore, Yanjiang cuisine featuring freshwater fish and poultry, and Yanhuai cuisine combining local styles of Bengbu, Suxian County and Fuyang also enjoy reputation.
Luzhou Roast Duck Restaurant 107 Suzhou Rd., Hefei City (Opposite the Drum Tower) 551-2692718
Meixiangyuan Red House Restaurant 533 Renmin Rd., Anqing 556-5588888
Wanweiyuan Restaurant 350 Huxin S. Rd., Anqing 556-5506789
Tianyang Seafood City 143 Weisi Rd., Bengbu 552-4048888
Jinmanlou Laite Restaurant Intersection of Gongnong Rd. and Hongqisilu, Bengbu 552-2888888
Wang Yixing Roast Duck Restaurant 750 Nanqiao N. Rd., Chuzhou 550-3030180
Xiaomengyang Hotpot 626 Nanqiao N. Rd., Chuzhou 550-3041717
Hanfeng Fishing Port Restaurant Beside Fuyang South Coach Station, South Second Ring Road 558-2189888
Guanzhongyuan Restaurant Fuyang Party School 558-2173399
Hui Shang Gu Li (Anhui Merchants, Hometown) 12 Xianrendong Rd., Tunxi District, Huangshan 559-2358388
Laojie Diyi Lou (The First Restaurant on the Ancient Street) 247 Tunxi Ancient Street, Huangshan City 559-2515784
Linjiangyilou Restaurant 78 Binjiang E. Rd., Tunxi District, Huangshan 559-2529977
Xiaoweiyang (Little Tail Sheep) Hotpot Opposite No.10 Middle School, Changjiang W. Rd., Tongling 562-2864499
Local Dish Restaurant Penholder Mountain Square, Tongdu Ave., Tongling 562-5833329
Wuhu Taicun Restaurant 1 Beijing E. Rd., Wuhu 553-3120988
Purple Grape Haiyue Restauran Tower A, Building No.13, Phoenix Gourmet Street, Wuhu 553-3857288


Gujing Holiday Inn Hotel 5 1104 Changjiang E. Rd., Hefei 551-2206008
Sofitel Grand Park Hefei 5 258 Fanhua Ave., Economic Technology Development Zone, Hefei 551-2216688
Anhui Hotel 4 18 Meishan Rd., Hefei 551-2218888
International Peace Hotel 4 239 Huizhou Ave., Hefei 551-2282509
J.J. Pearl Hotel Bengbu 5 5183 Donghai Ave., Bengbu 552-2088000
New Century International Hotel 4 1028 Huaihe Rd., Bengbu 552-2088888
Conch International Hotel 4 209 Beijing E. Rd., Wuhu 553-3118188
Jin Mao International Hotel 4 8 Guoqing W. Rd., Tianjia'an District, Huainan 554-6806666
Dream City Yushanhu Hotel 4 7 Hunan Rd., Ma'anshan 555-8321000
Anqing Hotel 4 66 Huxin M. Rd., Anqing 556-5399000
Huiyuan Hotel 4 1 Huiyuan Rd., Suzhou 557-3628888
Buckingham Palace Hotel 4 301 Yingzhou M. Rd., Fuyang 558-2298888
New Metropolis Hotel 4 Youyang Pedestrian St., Shaohua Rd., Bozhou 558-5555555
Huangshan International Hotel 4 31 Huashan Rd., Tunxi District, Huangshan 559-2565678
Huangshan Shilin Hotel 4 BeihaiArea, Huangshan Scenic Area, Huangshan 559-5584040
Chuzhou International Hotel 4 89 Yuxin Rd., Chuzhou 550-3048888
Jingting Mountain Holiday Resort 4 Xuancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone 563-2613888
Shuyi International Hotel 4 218 Taoxi Rd., Shucheng County, Liuan 564-8680111
Golden Peacock Spa Holiday Village 4 Waijing Ave., Tangchi Town, Lujiang County 565-7085608
Chaohu International Hotel 4 7 East Jiankang Road, Chaohu 565-2118185
Dongya Hotel 4 8 Huacheng Rd., Mt. Jiuhua Scenic Area, Chizhou 566-2831370


Located in China’s hinterland, Anhui has formed a relatively developed three-dimensional network with water, air and land transportation, among which railway is the most developed and the mileage has reached more than 2,500 kilometers.
Anhui Communications Website:


Anhui has a developed aviation network with Hefei being the hub. Its Luogang Airport has opened 23 domestic air routes to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shantou and the regular chartered flights to Hongkong. Huangshan City, Fuyang and other cities within the province could be reached by air as well. In addition, airports for civil and China United Airlines are also built in Huangshan, Anqing, Fuyang, Wuhu, Bengbu and other cities.
Anhui Civil Aviation Airport Group Co., Ltd.
Domestic air ticket booking: 0086-551-2886626
International air ticket booking: 0086-551-2886662


The province now has 15 railway lines, including three backbones, namely, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Kowloon and Lianyungang-Lanzhou railways. On Aug. 1, 2008, the Hefei-Nanjing-Shanghai Inter-City Express Railway was open to traffic. The inter-regional railway network combines Huainan-Yuxi Railway, Nanjing-Tonglig Railway, Wuhu-Yingtan Railway, Suixi-Fuyang Railway, Fuyang- Huainan Railway, Luohe-Fuyang Railway, Hefei-Jiujiang Railway, Xuancheng-Hangzhou Railway, which makes easy access to major cities in Anhui like Hefei, Bengbu, and Fuyang.
Hefei West Railway Station: 0086-551-5571833
Hefei Railway Website:


The 9 national highways and 66 provincial highways constitute Anhui highway network with Hefei as the hub, connecting Huainan, Fuyang, Bengbu, Suxian, Wuhu, Anqing, Xuanzhou and Huangshan. The province has 5 expressways including Hefei-Nanjing Expressway, Hefei- Wuhu Expressway, Hefei-Tongling-Huangshan Expressway, Hefei-Wuhan Expressway and Hefei-Jingdezhen Expressway, and Tongling Yangtze River Bridge and Wuhu Yangtze River Highway and Railway Bridge.
Anhui Highway Administration Website:
Anhui Expressway Holding Corporation
Tel: 0086-551-96566


The waterways in Anhui mainly belong to the Yangtze and Huaihe river systems. Along the Yangtze waterway there are ports of Wuhu, Tongling, Ma’anshan, and Anqing, while Huaihe waterway starts from Sanhejian in the west, goes through Zhengyang Pass, Fengtai, Huainan, Bengbu, Wuhe, Hongshantou and joins Hongze Lake. Huaihe waterway is navigable throughout the year, with Bengbu and Huainan being the main ports for mainstream transport.


Xuan writing brush, Hui ink-stick, Xuan paper and Shexian inkstone have been the famous brands of China’s four treasures of the study since the Tang Dynasty (618- 907). Besides, Wuhu iron painting, Shucheng sleeping mat, Gujinggong Liquor are also best gifts.


On the plain along Yellow River in the north and Huaihe River in the south, Anhui is located at the place where two cradles of Chinese civilization join. The province boasts various local operas with long history. Among the 20 local operas, the most influential and popular are Huangmei Opera, Hui Opera, Lu Opera, Sizhou Opera, South Anhui Flower Drama Opera, Huaibei Flower Drama Opera and Huaibei Bangzi Opera.


Anhui’s northern area has a temperate monsoon climate, while the southern area a subtropical monsoon climate. The moderate annual temperature is 14°C-17°C. Besides owning the characteristics of rain and heat at the same period as well as the continental monsoon climate as the typical Chinese climate does, Anhui climate features moderate temperature, ample rainfall, distinctive four seasons (warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter) and remarkable intermittent drizzle.