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Recommended Routes

Tour to the Classical Regions South of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River

D1   Nanjing  Dr.Sun Yat  Sen’s Mausoleum — the Ming Tomb — Xuanwu Lake — Presidential Palace — Zhonghua Gate Castle — Confucius Temple.

D2   Nanjing  Changjiang (Yangtze) River Bridge. Move to Yangzhou City — Slim West Lake — Mausoleum Museum of King of Guangling of the Han Dynasty (205B.C—220A.D.) — Arts & Crafts Museum.

D3   Move to Zhenjiang  Jinshan Temple — Ancient Streets of the Song(960-1279) and Yuan (1271-1368) Dynasties — Zhenjiang Vinegar Factory. Move to Wuxi  Lingshan Mountain.

D4   Wuxi  Turtle Head Islet on Taihu Lake — Xihui Park — Television and Film Production Base. Move to Suzhou — The Master-of-Nets Garden.

D5   Suzhou  Tiger Hill  The Humble Administrator’s Garden  Hanshan Temple. Move to Zhouzhuang Village.

D6   Tour around the ancient Zhouzhuang Village.

Tour along the Ancient Great Canal

D1   Xuzhou  Cloud Dragon Lake — Stone Painting Museum of the Han Dynasty (206B.C.—220A.D.) — Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the Han Dynasty)Tiast5-(206B.C—220A.D.} — Han Tombs on the Guishan Mountain — Ancient Horse Racing Stadium.

D2   Move to Suqian — Temporary Dwelling Palace of Emperor Qianlong — Hometown of King Xiangyu. Move to Huai’an — Ancient Water Transport Bureau of the General Govemor — Old Residence Of Great Writer Wu Cheng’en

D3   Move to Gaoyou — Ancient Post Station — Ancident Mengcheng Post Station. Move to Yangzhou — Garden of the He Family — Garden of the Wang Family.

D4   Yangzhou — Slim West Lake — Tour Slim Westlake via Emperor Qianlong’s cruise. Move to Zhenjiang — Jinshan Temple — Jiaoshan Mountain — Ancient Streets of the Song (960-1279) and Yuan(1271-1368) Dynasties.

D5   Move to Wuxi — Turtle Head Islet of Taihu Lake — Television and Film Production Base — Ancient Great Canal in Xihui Park.

D6   Wuxi — Lingshan Mountain. Move to Suzhou — Tiger Hill — The Humble Administrator’s Garden — The Hanshan Temple — Filature Factory — Night Tour to the Ancient Great Canal.

Recreational Cuisine Tour

D1   Nanjing — The Dr.Sun Yat-Sen’s Mausoleum — Mingjing Lake — Xuanwu Lake — Nanjing Museum — Taste Nanjing-styled snacks — Evening Tour to the Confucius Temple

D2   Move to Yangzhou — Slim West Lake Park — Daming Temple( Vegetarian Feast ) — Mausoleum Museum of King of Guangling in the Han Dynasty — Huaiyang Cuisine of the Red Mansion Feast.

D3   Yangzhou-styled Breakfast in Fuchun Garden Tea House.