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The “Oriental Charm – Beautiful China in My Eyes” Competition launched in November 2020 came to a successful end on 21st March 2021. It has been widely received by the Australian public, who contributed over 450 entries and 300,000 online votes. Among them, 83 pieces of artworks stand out as winners of the Top-Grade Award, the First, Second and Third Prizes, the Popularity Award, and the Excellence Award, thanks to the professional judges and the actively involved public.

Culture and art thrive on exchanges and communication. From 21st March to 9th April this year, China National Tourist Office, Sydney (CNTO) and China Cultural Centre in Sydney (CCC) would host an exhibition featuring award-winning works at the latter’s gallery. From calligraphy to painting, you could get an idea of how the Chinese-Australian youth see and feel about the amazing Chinese cultural and the marvellous land of China. While artworks by adults, sophisticated and elegant, could be multi-interpreted by individuals as they express the inclusiveness, varieties and dynamics of China in such different ways. 

Seeing is believing. Welcome to the exhibition!

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