Located at Xuetianwan in Renmin Road, the People’s Auditorium, as a national AAAA tourist spot, is an ancient-style building complex built from 1951 to 1954. It is one of the landmarks of Chongqing. The building complex is modeled upon the imperial palaces in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing(1644-1911) dynasties. featuring an axially symmetric layout. It consists of four buildings – a main auditorium and the east-wing, south-wing and north-wing buildings, with a total area of 66,000 square meters. The 55-meter-high, five-story main auditorium covers an area of 25,000 square meters with a seating capacity of more than 4,200. It was included in A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method, a classic work on architecture published in Britain in 1987. It takes the second place among the 43 contemporary Chinese buildings in the books. A square with a lawn and fountains, named the People’s Square, was built in front of the auditorium in 1997. The people’s Auditorium is an important tourist attraction as well as a venue for celebrations and gatherings in Chongqing.

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