The Yellow River

Songshan Mountain in Zhengzhou, Henan Province

Songshan Mountain started from 3.6 billion years ago. It is an important cradle of Chinese civilisation, a scenic spot in China and a geopark in the world. It is mainly composed of Taishi Mountain and Shaoishi Mountain and famous for its long history, splendid culture and numerous places of interest.

Baligou scenic area in Xinxiang

Baligou scenic area has picturesque mountains and clear water, where you can climb the red cliff, to enjoy the sea of clouds in the canyon, view the flowing waterfalls, hear the sermon of Laozi, and explore the hanging wall highway.

Baoquan in Xinxiang

Baoquan is a national forest reserve and Taihang macaque reserve, with 98% forest coverage and an annual average temperature of 18℃, making it the most ideal leisure, vacation, water-friendly and summer resort.

Wanxian Mountain in Xinxiang

Wanxian Mountain is a famous place for tourist, summer resort, and outdoor leisure with the highest elevation of 1,672 meters. There are majestic rock wall landscape and charming countryside style.

Shennong Mountain in Jiaozuo

Shennong Mountain has 136 attractions in 8 scenic spots, with a wide variety of flora and fauna in the area. The scenery is very beautiful with peach blossoms blooming in spring, flying streams of clouds and suns in summer, red leaves everywhere in autumn and foggy peaks in winter.

Yuntai Mountain in Jiaozuo

Yuntai Mountain is characterized by the unique “northern karst landscape”. The topography of the park is complex, and the climate varies with the altitude and the shape of the mountain, and there are more than 500 kinds of trees and exotic flowers and plants. Yuntai Mountain has a 314-meter drop of the Yuntai Heavenly Waterfall, which is one of the largest waterfalls found in China.

Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park in Sanmenxia

Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park is a natural landscape scenic spot integrating ecology, culture and human geography. Every year from October to June, the Yellow River forms a beautiful lake here, attracting tens of thousands of white swans from distant Siberia.

The Grand Canyon in the Western Henan Province in Sanmenxia

The whole scenic area of The Grand Canyon in the Western Henan Province converges springs into a group of undulating waterfalls, with magnificent mountains and clear water, flying waterfalls and flowing springs, strange rocks and peaceful valleys, which are fascinating.