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Winners “Oriental Charm—Beautiful China in My Eyes” Competition   


“Oriental CharmBeautiful China in My Eyes” Competition                         

The “Oriental Charm-Beautiful China in my eyes” competition, hosted by China National Tourist Office, Sydney and China Cultural Centre in Sydney, organized by Australia’s New Express Media Group kicked off in November 2020. There’ve been over 450 entries from contestants between age 4 to 80+ , showing good techniques, strong creativity, rich artistic expression as well as deep love of one’s homeland. It also reflects the high standard, professionalism and diversity of the competition. Moreover, it’s opened a colorful cultural window, highlighting China’s diversified beauty as a global tourist destination, providing a grand feast for the eyes and expressing good wishes for the Chinese Lunar New year and promoting the people-to-people exchanges and understanding between China and Australia.

The panel judges have held two rounds of evaluation in accordance with the principle of “fairness, justice and openness” to decide the winner lists. The popularity awards of Calligraphy & painting, short video and photograph were decided by the online voting on XKB website which has received over thirty thousand votes in total.

Following the rules and regulations of the competition, the winner list is announced as below:

Top Grade Award

Chu Gong

Popularity Award

Calligraphy & Painting:Haoen Geng( Age 12 ), Votes: 50130

Short Video: Ning Li, Votes: 25805

Photography: Chunzhu Zhang, Votes: 8103

Calligraphy & Painting (Youth Group Age 3-8)

First Prize

Lirong Li’an (Age 7)

Second Prize:

Jialin Fan(Age 6)

Eric Zhao (Age 7)

Third Prize:

Louis Xia(Age 7)

Emily Zou(Age 8)

Lucy (Age 6)

Excellence Award:

Austin Zhu (Age 8)

Ray Xia (Age 8)

Tongxi Xie(Age 6)

Yixin Yang(Age 7岁)

Mendy Li(Age  6)

Lawrence Liu(Age 7)  

Shiyun Wu(Age 7)      

Austin Xu(Age 6)

Calligraphy & Painting ( Youth Group Age 9-12)

First Prize:

Kelly(Age 12)

Second Prize:

Angela Yi(Age 9)

Ling Cao(Age 12)

Third Prize

Joe Yan(Age 9)

Cunxuan Jin(Age 11)

Trevor Wang(Age 9)

Excellence Award

Angela Z (Age 10)

Olivia Xu (Age 12)

Jiayuan Zhuang(Age 12)

Alan Z (Age 10)

Elena Huang(Age 9)

Derek Ye(Age 12)

Calligraphy & Painting ( Youth Group Age 13-18)

First Prize:

Natalie Ye(Age 16)

Second Prize:

Danni Tian(Age 15)

Jiaming Fan(Age 13)

Third Prize:

Shaney (Age 18)

Sophia Qian(Age 13)

Olivia Jin(Age 14)

Excellence Award:

Olivia Du(Age 14)

Fu Liu(Age 15)

Mia Zhao(Age 14)

Painting (Adult Group)

First Prize:

Shaoshi Huang

Second Prize:

Huirong Zhang

Subin Xu

Xueying Deng

Third Prize:

Wanzhen Li

Yibai Yu

Songshi Li

Jige Liu

Excellence Award:

Shan Yun

Wenhua Tan

Yu Huang

Greg Li

Chengbin He

Jingmin Ren

Juesheng Li

Jinghua Zhao

Calligraphy (Adult Group)

First Prize:

Jianguo Xu

Second Prize:

Bilian Zheng

Yongde Wang

Xiaolan Wang

Third Prize:

Jianguo Chen

Daoyuan Zhou

Guoqiang Sun

Excellence Award:

Dezu Xie

Shihao Chen

Mingfeng Huo


First Prize:

Tony Law

Second Prize:

Yin Tang

Weiling Lu

Changgeng Jiang

Third Prize

Qun Zhang

Yemin Zhang

Xiaozhuo Wen

Excellence Award:

Dengyun zhang

Paggy Lo

Andy Ko

Minxiong Liang

Chen Chu

Weiping Peng

Short Video

First Prize: No Winner

Second Prize: No Winner

Third Prize:

Tianyi  Wu

Sean Xia

Zhonglan Chen

Excellence Award:


Ying Wang

To be Noted:

1.The award ceremony is scheduled 3:00pm 21st March at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney(Add:1/151 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000). Following Covid-19 restrictions, we invite Top Grade award winner,Popularity awards winners, First, Second and Third prize winners to the ceremony site; and for each winner in the youth group, only one parent as companion is allowed for entry and should be staying at a designated area in the venue.

2.Artworks of individual awards winners and the First, Second and Third Prize winners will have their awarded works exhibited in the art gallery of the China Cultural Centre in Sydney from 22 March to 9 April 2021 (The  pictures of Excellence Award winners will be printed on the display board).

  1. The award winners of calligraphy, painting and photography are required to make their works framed to be hangable on the wall and have them delivered to the China Cultural Centre in Sydney by 16 March, 2021( Address: 1/151 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000).
  2. Works of all award winners will be made into a collection to be published. The winners should make sure to send high definition pictures(no less than 5M) and information of artwork title both in Chinese and English as well as dimension details.

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