Situated at the confluence of Jiangkou, Yinjiang and Songtao Counties, Fanjing Mountain is a national nature reserve, with a total area of 567 sq km. It enjoys a reputation of being the “Ecological Kingdom”, and the plant and animal gene database. Of all the animals and plants under state protection, dove trees, henry emmenopterys, Chinese tuliptree, Guizhou golden- hair monkeys and doll fish are the most representative. In the scenic zone, tourist can appreciate the green peaks rising one higher than another, hanging waterfalls, crisscrossed streams and forests with a coverage rate of 95 percent; hence it is the only place with the best-preserved protophytes at the same latitude in the world. Fanjing Mountain is a Buddhist sacred place where the rites to pay homage to Maitreya (Future Buddha) is held regulary, and other tourist attractions include the four imperial nunneries, 48 Great Enlightenment nunneries, and Huguo and Zhengguo Buddhist temples.